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  1. Re: Creating a text file for randomly generated numbers

    Nice try. I suggest you to keep the code simple as you can. As above member mentioned you have missed the function body closing bracket. here is a simple code of c which may help you it is basic...
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    Re: New to C++, code help.

    You can improve your program by seeing other sample codes
    here is a simple example is discussed here hope it will be helpful.
    Its function based and some restrictions to user not to enter wrong...
  3. Re: Detect arrow key press in c++ for linux only, 80% of the job is done.

    Here is a simple example to detecting a keypress in c++ using while loop and getch() hope it may be helpfull.
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    Re: Linear search using recursive function

    Another example that can be helpful
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    C++ Program logic Discussion

    I write programming examples for absolute C++ beginners..

    I Wrote a post is it easy to understand for a beginner need suggestions

    C++ program to find GCD
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