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  1. Data layer and data editing with C++ for a game?

    I'm sure it comes up all the time a project has too much data simply keeping them in files that are edited by hand, but not so complicated that a big fancy tool like a DB is necessary.

    I have...
  2. how to set up a project to search additional directory for headers?{NM Solved}

    I want to use a bunch of code from one project in another project, one has to be a dll, the other has to be a special mll file that is just a maya version of a dll file.

    I already have it in its...
  3. Re: See if two points are on same side of a line in point normal form?

    Nevermind. I found it was easier and much faster to just convert it to hessian normal form.
  4. See if two points are on same side of a line in point normal form?

    I already have the means to check if two points are on the same side of a plane defined as three points. That is almost always the case that comes up, but in one place all I ever have is a point and...
  5. average normal at a vertex and winding vector?[solved]

    I want to be able to find the average normal at a vertex on meshlike data (I don't have winding/render order to work with and can't easily get it).

    I have the basic idea, but the problem is that I...
  6. Re: Where'd my stack trace go?


    For some reason, it does not show up in that list. Maybe it is hidden? Is there a way to unhide?

    Ok, the other one worked. I guess it won't show up if not debugging.

  7. Where'd my stack trace go?

    It sounds silly, but I seem to have been defeated by the VC++ GUI.

    When debugging, I no longer get the window that has the call stack in it, and can't seem to figure out how to get it back. I must...
  8. Re: Debugging crash on start and using multiple heaps

    It would be called not using C++, no matter what method you use debugging it will be an issue. There's a difference between being helpful and argumentative, and argumentative nonsense that doesn't...
  9. Re: thread synchronization problem

    Remember a lock's not useful if just one thing uses it. The receive data looks ok, but if the buffer is shared between threads both sides must use the lock, if not, it's not needed.
  10. Re: Debugging crash on start and using multiple heaps

    Well, I finally found the issue.

    It looks like I use something before it gets created if things get initialized in certain order. I didn't suspect that location because it has been like that for...
  11. Re: Debugging crash on start and using multiple heaps

    heap = GetProcessHeap();
    systemHeap = HeapCreate(0, 10*1024*1024, 100*1024*1024);

    More specifically part of my question is if the above code is OK in the sense I can continue to use both heap...
  12. Debugging crash on start and using multiple heaps

    Some percent of the time, my program is crashing on startup, only in optimized mode.

    I know fairly well about static dynamic initialization order fiasco. It behaves exactly like that but my...
  13. Encrypting file system prompt? Am I hacked?

    Suddenly I get a prompt to save out a key for EFS, but I have never turned on this feature and it's never done this before. I am using windows vista ultimate. Is this normal or is there a problem? A...
  14. Re: Avoiding virtual method in template subclass?

    Ok, yes I guess it's basically a 'policy'. Some of this does not gel well in my brain, but I see how helpful a policy can be now and what it means, and it is sort of like the CRT.

    Anyway I end up...
  15. Re: C++ STL sample code by Rodney Myers does not compile

    You probably have those defined already.
  16. Re: Avoiding virtual method in template subclass?

    Because of performance and about 2 million other reasons. I don't mind virtual methods but it would be a big mistake here.

    Not sure there are any better options for me, though. The suggested...
  17. Re: Avoiding virtual method in template subclass?

    Thank you, I think that will help.
  18. Re: Attempting better multithreading design

    Sure, there's a million ways, but we'd have to know exactly what you are doing to make that judgement.

    It's almost certain you can't get away with lockless programming in a case like this. It...
  19. Re: Aligning pointers to struct

    Of course you get the wrong address, what you are doing makes no sense because the types inside are different. You might want to use a void* instead, or it could be what you want is not something...
  20. Re: The main disadvantage of C++ Object Model

    Pointers work the same as the 'pimpl idiom' in this regard, and can allow you to not include it in your header at all which can be very nice.
  21. Avoiding virtual method in template subclass?

    I want to make a template that subclasses a parent but changes just one method.

    This should be easy, technically speaking, since it should all be generated code. Virtual method is not necessary,...
  22. Re: Attempting better multithreading design

    If that's impossible, try separating into multiple locks, on a section by section basis (or whatever). It won't help as much as a more thorough solution but it can speed things up a lot under OSes...
  23. Re: Attempting better multithreading design

    I expected the diagram to have abit more and got a laugh when it said just 'extremely large data structure' 1+2 and some arrows, but I guess it is enough anyway.

    Obviously, you have to break the...
  24. Re: Memory mapping & process size

    He needs to not run out of memory, that's all there is to it. It's kind of insane that it just mindlessly reads files and grabs everything it can like that. It's more like a virus than a program.
  25. Re: problem with static initilization part two.

    Well, the point is to do it in a way order won't matter, that won't require any overhead, and doesn't require making every single variable use a lock and a guard variable.

    Turns out there is no...
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