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    Re: VB.NET copy files from excel column?

    The link said 0 sample files found
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    VB.NET copy files from excel column?

    I have many files at work that need to be copied from one directory to another. However, I do not need to copy all the files at once.

    I get excel sheets with the list of files that need to be...
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    How do I add click event to custom control?

    I am using Visual Studio 2008

    I have a custom control and can't seem to understand how to add a click event. My file is generic and has a usercontrol1 and usercontrol2. I am trying to add a...
  4. Re: How to move controls like visual studio?

    I guess I will close this thread since it appears my project will be a lot bigger then expected. The original title is easier then I thought, however, my real question will be about creating...
  5. Re: How to move controls like visual studio?

    In a way - yes. However, I suppose, the big question is how to have the same label (tool icon) create multiple icons on the screen?

    I have seen sites with code to create movable controls on a...
  6. Re: How to move controls like visual studio?

    Thanks for your reply.

    The reason why I am asking - we are having some clients arrive at work from China.... We are going to help structure their file system and the way they have directories...
  7. Re: How to move controls like visual studio?

    Thanks for all you help, however, that's not what I need (maybe I haven't explained it properly).

    If you open Visual Studio - create a new project ( - when form1 shows up add a button.
  8. Re: How to move controls like visual studio?

    How would the label create another type of control and you can do it over and over and so on?


    There is a label that says button. You click (or drag) it over to the form and a button...
  9. [RESOLVED] How to move controls like visual studio?

    I would like to learn how to move a control like the visual studio program. In the toolbox you have a list of all your controls (button, listbox etc....). They are labels and when you double click...
  10. [RESOLVED] Help with create form like SSIS

    I would like to simulate the look of a SSIS form where the controls are on a panel and the actual controls can be moved from one part of a form to any where else on the form. However, the control...
  11. Trying to encrypt and lock folder but have errors

    I have a VB6 program that encrypts a file - and also - I have a folder lock program that I want to lock the folder (CLSID) to My Computer, Recycle Bin etc.....

    But when I encrypt the file and try...
  12. Re: If Statement not working (Properties.Settings)

    Thanks. I will look into it and let you know. :)
  13. Re: If Statement not working (Properties.Settings)

    Erors say:

    The name 'Textbox1' does not exist in the current context
    The name 'My' does not exist in the current context
    The name 'Label3' does not exist in the current context
    The name 'My'...
  14. If Statement not working (Properties.Settings)

    Have a quick question:

    I have some Properites.Settings set up. One setting is passwordhint.

    On one form I have a textbox (textbox1) and a label (label3)

    The user will enter the password hint...
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    Re: How to change folder path?

    Thank you for the replies. I have looked into the links you provided and looks like there are a lot more then I have.

    Would it be hard to alter:

    If Option1.Value = True Then

    Ext =...
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    How to change folder path?

    (I am using VB.NET 2008 Pro)

    Hello all -

    In VB.NET (2008 Pro) how would I be able to change the path of a folder to represent the recycle bin or printer folder, control panel etc....

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    Re: Are there My.Settings files?

    nevermind.... I found it and how to access it....

    This can be closed.....

    It's in the settings.settings file

    and I would use:

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    [RESOLVED] Are there My.Settings files?

    In VB.NET - there is My.Settings where you can store information....

    Is there the same in C#? If so, where? I can't find it.

    In VB.NET I create settings strings to hold certain information...
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    VB open new program on cd rom

    I have a small quesiton here -

    I have found a lot of info on opening another program from VB6, however, I have an addition that I need some advice on......

    I have a small VB6 program that when...
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    VB 6.0 and DLL Files

    I have a project that I have made into an .exe file. My project uses a DLL file that my code is referenced to.

    My question is how can I make my project reference to that DLl file without having...
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