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    Re: Gina.dll sample

    Every where not possible to get the sample .ridiculous
  2. Displaying progressbar using threading in win 32 applicaition!

    In my application I have a simple module were I will read files for some process that will take
    few I thought of displaying a progress bar(using worker thread) while the files are in...
  3. how can refer a system dll's instead of system32 to application path?

    i need just redirect system dlls reference into my own dll (this may duplicate of same system dll ,but name only changed)...In my application import dlls refer system32 dlls ,so i change that...
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    Re: [RESOLVED] RegQueryValueEx problem

    Feoggou , u may try with BYTE array ,after that ,u can check ,because u cannot convert WCHAR to BYTE* ,there may size differ...
  5. Re: ESP not properly saved (DLL calling an exe's object function).

    you should be select related project properties and set _stdcall declaration method ...then this runtime error will not appear,,,,,,
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    Re: Browse button in MFC

    CFileDialog dlg(TRUE);
    int iRet = dlg.DoModal();
    CString path = dlg.GetPathName();
    SetWindowText (path);
    CEdit* cedit;
    cedit = reinterpret_cast<CEdit *>(GetDlgItem(IDC_EDIT1));
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