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    Re: unhandled exception?

    In visual studio 2005 (and probably later ones too) there is a little icon that looks like a window with three little windows on top of it. Hovering your mouse over it shows the label "Call Stack"....
  2. Re: Is MFC outdated ? And if so what to use to make VS C/C++ GUI's ?

    I work in a little IT company that makes point-of-sale systems, accounting systems, livestock management systems etc, and we use MFC exclusively. It is probably because the boss is too cheap to pay...
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    Re: Quadraatic Formula Program Problem

    A possible problem is that ints don't divide very well. E.g. 1 divided by 2 will give you zero (0.5 with the .5 chopped off).

    Try it with floats as the input and output.

    Also a good principle...
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