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    Re: Optimization Problem

    Hi BioPhysEngr,

    I dont think that is the solution I was looking for regarding this problem. I believe a graphing algorithm such as BFS or DFS is supposed to be used to implement the solution to...
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    Optimization Problem

    Consider a group of n robots, and m tasks. Tasks can be different and robots are specialized, hence a given robot can only perform certain tasks. For each robot, you are given a list of tasks that...
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    Re: Resizing Form help needed!

    No, it's not like that.

    Let me clarify, my form expands normally just like any window would if you hit the maximize button at the top right hand corner. BUT, in this case, hitting maximize only...
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    Resizing Form help needed!

    How do you make a form resize with the Window in a program? Currently, hitting maximize on a window makes the window expand but the form stays the same size.

    I am not very familiar with C# but I...
  5. Re: How do I print out a byte array as a string?

    Well, basically I have an array as such:
    unsigned char input[64];
    and I am reading in lines of 64 bytes from a file and storing the line in input using fread. Now, I want to print out what is...
  6. Re: How do I print out a byte array as a string?

    input[length] = 0;

    thanks for the help lindley but the code above is printing out the hex values of what is in the array whereas I have an array of hex values and I...
  7. How do I print out a byte array as a string?

    Hey guys,
    I am having problems printing out the string conversion value for an array of bytes. How do I do this?

    My code so far looks like this:
    int p=0;
    while (p < sizeof(input))
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    Packets C Programming Question

    Any HELP would be greatly appreciated. THANKSSSS

    Given the name of a binary file, which contains a series of 256-byte packets (or blocks),
    your program will read in and check each...
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