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    How to access other class members in C#

    I'm having difficulty accessing other class members. I have created other class objects to access their member fields. The code compiles but I don't get any results back when I display them.
  2. How to run HTTP POSTs and HTTPListener concurrently in C#

    I'm a C# novice and hoping someone can help me. I have two devices that act as either a client-server or server-client pair. It depends upon who is performing HTTP POSTs to the other device. I'm...
  3. How to call an object and method from another method in C#

    Can anyone help a novice C# beginner? I'm attempting to call an object created in the same class
    but a different method. Both methods were called from another class. Below is simplied code. ...
  4. Re: Reading a remote server's POST response to my server's POST and GET commands

    No. I haven't debugged it with the remote server yet. I was hoping someone has tried something similar and could comment.
  5. Reading a remote server's POST response to my server's POST and GET commands

    I'm new to C#. I have some questions about POST and GET communication between two servers:

    1. I put together a WebRequest to Http POST to a remote server. I want to read the response from the...
  6. Sending HTTP POST & GET commands and Receiving POST commands to/from a remote server

    I am a C# novice. I have primarily coded in C. I have a design problem, that I hope anyone can give me some insight and/or code snippets.

    Problem: We have GUI software written in C# that...
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