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    Re: Text file settings

    Simplest option:
    Set up your settings file like this


    use the following code to parse the strings
  2. Re: Windows API to remove my application from taskbar

    I'm not sure what you are trying to say. Are you working with the .NET framework? Try using
    this.ShowInTaskbar = false;
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    Re: TcpListener not accepting clients

    I moved some code around, created buttons for starting the server and and listening for connections, and it works now. Can someone explain why? lol. thanks in advance. New source:

    using System;...
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    TcpListener not accepting clients

    I'll keep it short and simple. Take a look at my source.

    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.ComponentModel;
    using System.Data;
    using System.Drawing;
  5. What version of the .NET framework do you recommend for mass use?

    Basically, my program does not install, as it is dire that there are no external dependencies, so there is no way to install frameworks if the consumer does not have .NET 4.x. I only have experience...
  6. [RESOLVED] Can i monitor the outgoing packets of other devices on my network?

    I'm writing an application that does certain actions based off of what my iPhone (using WiFi on the same network) is sending data to. I've got the packet-sniffing part down (I can sniff my own...
  7. [RESOLVED] TcpClient.Connect() is preventing my textbox from updating

    The texbox does not display "Connecting..." until after the connection has timed out/connected.

    public void Connect(string hostname) {
    textBox3.Text += "Connecting..." + n;
  8. Re: I declared a variable but can't reuse it in another scope

    Oh, thanks. i was confused as to what a data member was. I get what you mean now. And Connect() is called with Form1_Load so it will be fine.

    EDIT: it works thankyou so much
  9. Re: I declared a variable but can't reuse it in another scope

    I don't know if you can answer this but would that work? I believe the connection has to be made in order to use "serverStream = cSoc.getStream". Is that wrong? I could try connecting as a data class...
  10. [RESOLVED] I declared a variable but can't reuse it in another scope

    in my Connect() function i declare
    NetworkStream serverStream; but down in the "button5_Click" event, when i try to use "serverStream" i get the error "The name 'serverStream' does not exist in the...
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