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  1. Re: How to set a default value of a TreeNode

    I figured it out, very simple once I saw it. . :blush:

    Public Sub world(Optional tv As TreeNode = Nothing)
    If tv Is Nothing Then
    ' code for nothing
  2. [RESOLVED] How to set a default value of a TreeNode

    VB.NET 2010, Framework 3.5

    I have a procedure where I want to have an Optional TreeNode as a parameter. The problem is that Optional parameters must have a default value and I can't figure out...
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    Re: DialogResult does not default to None?

    Indeed I was looking at

    I zeroed in non instead and notice that there is no default documented so. . I suppose I'll...
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    DialogResult does not default to None?

    VB.NET 2010, Framework 3.5

    All the documentation I see says that the DialogResult's default value is None

    Return Values:
    One of the System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult values. The default value...
  5. Re: Determine if a DataGridView's horizontal scroll bar exists?

    I played around with this and figured out how to determine if a scroll bar is visible, a horizontal scroll bar in the example below.

    Private Function HScrollBarVisible() As Boolean
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