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  1. Re: Multiple apps accesing same file on a server

    If this works I won't need the ftp server anymore. Thanks for your help. This seems to be the way to go.
  2. Re: Multiple apps accesing same file on a server

    I was thinking of designating a PC (not a server) to receive data from all the other apps, do the calculations, and respond to all the apps. Will this idea work or do I need a server?
  3. Re: Multiple apps accesing same file on a server

    I'm not going to access via http get/put because I can't write to files via http. I am going to use ftp. I'll give lockfile a try. Although it doesn't seem to fix the "machines accessing the same...
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    Re: Backgroundless image over .avi

    Problem solved: Sorry for the late reply but the problem was solved last year by using WPF. Thank you BigEd781.
  5. Multiple apps accesing same file on a server

    I need to implement an application that will be installed on multiple PCs. These apps need to read/write a single file on a server (which is not mine). The problem I am facing is simultaneous...
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    Backgroundless image over .avi

    VS 2010, .NET Framework 4.0

    I am using directx sdk to display an .avi and over this I need to display an backgroundless image (a number between 0 and 9). The effect would be the movie playing...
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