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  1. Re: cyclic thread with speicifc time interval

    note that waitable timers are NOT precise. you'll get "more or less" the interval you wanted, but it can be less and can be substantially more.

    if you need things to be actually time coordinated,...
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    Re: Slow performances using Bitmap/GDI

    This is inherent of the Windows display system. It isn't at all optimized for live capture. This is because it isn't ever actually available as a buffer, instead it's the desktop composition that...
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    Perl Re: Running a system command

    redirection in that way isn't part of the normal application parameters (in fact the application doesn't even know about the redirection per se).

    I'm not sure why this would have worked in W7 and...
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    Re: initializing a POD bitfield struct

    A bitfield is for most intents and purposes the same as the type it's a number of bits from, as such, initialisation, and aggregation happens exactly the same way as if they weren't bitfields.
  5. Re: multiple dialogs supported in one derived CDialog class?

    just conditionally pass the right ID to the CDialog constructor.

    The 'IDD' enum is not necessary and the value itself isn't either.

    The only reason it works like this is that's how the VS...
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    Re: GetStdHandle() (Windows 8 / 8.1)

    Somewhere after XP devs at MS decided that a GUI process should, by default not have a console attached. Which is why GetStdHandle() returns NULL.
    THis is not an error, writing to the NULL handle...
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    Re: ShellExecute with x86asm

    Most likely issue: you care calling the widechar version of ShellExecute (ShellExecuteW) while passing it an ansi string.

    Why ar eyou even bothering to do this in inline assembly, there is no...
  8. Re: CDHtmlDialog: Changing HTML File Dynamically

    I unfirtunately don't have any ready made code I'm allowed to share. But yes, you can do this from C++
    Get the IWebBrowser2 from the browser control, from that, get the IHtmlDocument2 interface. ...
  9. Re: CDHtmlDialog: Changing HTML File Dynamically

    This is normal, the view source shows the Original source that was navigated to. It doesn't show the current content as it has been modified/augmented via script. If you want the current content,...
  10. Re: CDHtmlDialog: Changing HTML File Dynamically

    innerHTML is the html that is INSIDE the tags.
    outerhtml is the html including the tags (and including any attributes in the tag).

    This doesn't work. Script is not technically part of the...
  11. Re: CDHtmlDialog: Changing HTML File Dynamically

    Like I said in #4. Navigate to a new page that holds the new css and javascript (and html).
  12. Re: CDHtmlDialog: Changing HTML File Dynamically

    just navigate to a new html page.
  13. Thread: Writing UTF 8

    by OReubens

    Re: Writing UTF 8

    write your code normally, convert parameters from unicode to UTF with WideCharToMultiByte()
    if you're writing for ANSI charset, then convert your ansi strings to unicode via CStringW, then do the...
  14. Re: Adding Splitter Windows Makes Mainframe Unable to Get Current Document

    no... that's because accessing the document in the framewnd isn't "normal" behaviour. You should look into why you're trying to do that, and figure out the MFC way out so you don't have to access the...
  15. Re: Adding Splitter Windows Makes Mainframe Unable to Get Current Document

    Jeff Prosise's book is still one of the best startup books.
    It's getting "old" and it doesn't reflect everything new in...
  16. Re: Adding Splitter Windows Makes Mainframe Unable to Get Current Document

    1) your mainframe shouldn't interact with the document. This is a fairly basic premise of MFC, if you are, then it's probably an indication you aren't properly embracing the document/view concept...
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    Re: Best code for alert algorithm

    any language that allows you to read webpages , and allows you to parse html.

    reading webpages is easy, parsing html can be anything from easy to excrutiatingly hard depending on what you need and...
  18. Re: Some continuation on my previous posting on transformation

    If what you mean is... from a given projected image (result) and a given input model figure out the amount of rotation along each axis:
    then no this isn't unambiguously solvable for all possible...
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    Re: looking for source crypter

    He asked for ready made source, which indicates he's not looking into making something himself.

    Exe "crypters/packers" are fairly easy to make for common case executables (dll's are harder,...
  20. Re: New to C++ and I need some help. (Not new to languages)

    He thought about it, decided not to be stupid but be rude instead ;-)
  21. Re: Hook firefox window to get WM_CLOSE & WM_QUIT

    Will be a lot easier to just download the Firefox source, and replace the password file code.

    Or if you can't/don't want do that, create a password manager plugin for Firefox.
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    Re: Sorting parallel arrays in C++

    There are cases where it's desired to do it this way. Particularly if you need locality of data. Splitting an array of structures up into multiple arrays of smaller elements/structures can sometimes...
  23. Re: Need help on replacement of NtQuerySystemInformation on Win x64

    for realtime information there's WMI.
  24. Re: Need help on replacement of NtQuerySystemInformation on Win x64

    overall CPU usage can be obtained with GetSystemTimes()
    CPU load in percent = ((systemtime - idletime) *100) / systemtime
  25. Re: Need some suggestions about transforming a projected image

    if it's manual assisted, then it's the same kind of morphing that was done on faces a couple years back. (and featured among others in the videoclip black and white by michael jackson).
    you draw a...
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