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  1. Reporting for WinRT: No Mouse Click Just Finger Touch

    Stimulsoft Company, a market-leading provider of software for data processing and analysis announces the upcoming release of the brand new product Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT the fully functional...
  2. Stimulsoft Reports 2011.1: Good reports - Business Reliability.

    Business today is built on long-term planning, pragmatism and an exact calculation. Professionals, aimed at success, do not allow wasting money and time and initially choose the proper reporting...
  3. Stimulsoft Reports 2010.2. Design a report you could never create before.

    Company announces the release of version 2010.2 of Stimulsoft Reports.

    The product line includes report generators for .NET, Web, WPF and now for Silverlight.

    New Products
    Stimulsoft Company...
  4. Replies

    Reporting tool now for Silverlight

    Stimulsoft Company, a leading manufacturer of software for business intelligence, is excited to announce the 2010.2 release of Stimulsoft Reports.Silverlight – reporting tool for Silverlight.

  5. Stimulsoft Company Announces Stimulsoft Reports version 2010.1 release.

    Stimulsoft Company, an outstanding and leading manufacturer of software for business intelligence (reporting solutions for .NET, ASP.NET, WPF, Flex, PHP), has released version 2010.1 of Stimulsoft...
  6. Stimulsoft Reports. New versions of reporting tools for .NET, Web, and WPF

    Did it become necessary for you to build reports? You created them in Word, Excel, used special programming packages. It took so much time, efforts. You were nervous, suffered from insomnia. Deadline...
  7. Report generator for WPF. Long-expected tool.

    Stimulsoft Company today announces the release of a new product – Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf – the reporting tool for WPF.

    Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf – is the reporting tool that allows creating...
  8. Stimulsoft Reports.Net version 2009.1 released. Expanding potential.

    Stimulsoft Company announces the release of Stimulsoft Reports.Net v2009.1 reporting tool – fully functional solution for data processing.

    The version 2009.1 provides unquestionable advantages...
  9. Stimulsoft Reports Designer.Web. The first report designer for Web is released

    Stimulsoft Company, a leading provider of software for Business Intelligence in the Reporting Tool category today announces the first official release of Stimulsoft Reports Designer.Web 2008.2 the...
  10. Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2008.2 report writer released

    Stimulsoft today announces the release of a new version of Stimulsoft Reports.Net report writer a bronze medal winner of the “2008 Editor’s Best Awards” in the Business Intelligence and Reporting...
  11. Stimulsoft Reports.Web report generator. Start is declared!

    Stimulsoft today announces Stimulsoft Reports.Web 2008.2 a major official release of the first and unique report writer for Web.

    Stimulsoft Reports.Web is the first fully functional report...
  12. Stimulsoft Reports.Net - towards new potential

    Stimulsoft, a leading provider of BI software, announces Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2008.1, a major new release of high-end and recognized solution for generating reports for .NET.

    New version of...
  13. Stimulsoft DevReports Studio. Editing reports in Web is as easy as a pie.

    March 20, 2008. Stimulsoft, a leading provider of Business Intelligence software, never stops in its researches and masters new technologies. One of them is creation of Stimulsoft DevReports Studio....
  14. Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2007.3 Delivers Some New Much Requested Features

    Stimulsoft, a leading provider of business intelligence software, announces Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2007.3, a major new release of the all-in-one solution for generating reports for .NET. Stimulsoft...
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