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  1. Machine Certificate Store in Windows 7 64 Bit.

    I am running on a 64 bit Windows 7 machine.
    My C# app needs a client cert placed in the "MACHINE" "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" store.
    I ran this command to do this....
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    Re: Script to Enable HTTPS in IIS 5.1

    Bad time of the year for server side scripting code gurus?.

    Anyway I found the answer myself for future reference.

    This will set the check box.

    set vd =...
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    Script to Enable HTTPS in IIS 5.1

    Hi Folks,
    I have installed a self signed certificate in IIS on my XP machine.
    I can manually enable the certificate by clicking Require Secure Channel (SSL) in IIS.
    But I want to be able to...
  4. Stopping internet browser caching data on client site.

    Hi All,
    I have to tidy up all of our Web based applications that take credit card data to comply with PA-DSS specification.

    One of the things that I have to prevent is caching of credit card...
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    Sending Secure socket to Server using SSL

    Hi All,
    Some time ago, I wrote a C# application to send secure socket data to a server connected to the internet. This worked perfectly.
    My company now wants me to rewrite it in SSL for C++. Does...
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    Re: IIS 6.0 and Windows 2003 Server Problem

    Hi CPUWizard
    Here are the logs that were generated for the error.
    I tried it three times in a row and it is still failing.
    I have only anonymous access on for the Downloads virtual folder.
    I have...
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    Re: IIS 6.0 and Windows 2003 Server Problem

    My Windows 2003 Server is in the office.
    I will be back in the office on Tuesday, today is a bank holiday.
    I will post the log first thing..
    dglienna, I have the correct version of net chosen....
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    Re: IIS 6.0 and Windows 2003 Server Problem

    Thanks dglienna et al,
    but in view of the fact that I have set Execute Permission = 'None' on the IIS6.0 Win2003 machine, and it still is coming back with a 404.0 error when I try to download an...
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    IIS 6.0 and Windows 2003 Server Problem

    Hi All,
    When I am on my XP machine with IIS 5.1 I create a virtual folder called Download off my web site. I place an exe file called a.exe in this folder.
    I enable the Web Server for Anonymous...
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    Problem with WinINet API InternetWriteFile

    Hi All,
    I would be grateful if you could help me here.
    I am using the WinINet API To post a file on a Localhost folder, ie HTTP://localhost/Download.
    My code runs without any error messages, but...
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    IIS 6.0 cached File download problem

    Hi all,
    I have created an IIS 6.0 web server application on a Windows Server 2003
    machine. The server application downloads a selected file to a web client on another machine.
    The problem is when...
  12. Re: c# Windows Service working in Debug mode, but exception in SCM

    Simply because this code block within the service will not be able to find a certificate if the correct user for the service is not logged on.

    X509Store store = new X509Store(StoreName.My,...
  13. Re: c# Windows Service working in Debug mode, but exception in SCM

    I have given the service the Username and password for the current user
    and now the service seems to work.

    But this will mean that other users who log onto the machine won't be able to use the...
  14. Re: c# Windows Service working in Debug mode, but exception in SCM

    Hi Arjay,
    thanks for that, but how can you tell which account the SCM is running under?
    And maybe I need to change
    X509Store store = new X509Store(StoreName.My, StoreLocation.CurrentUser);
  15. c# Windows Service working in Debug mode, but exception in SCM

    I have written a C# Windows service and have added Microsoft.Web.Services3 as a reference.
    I need this to obtain a certificate from the certificate store. I.e.

    X509Store store = new...
  16. Dynamically changing a Shortcut that contains the Port Number

    I am developing a c# web application.
    This application has to be installed on many PCs.
    I want to be able to place a shortcut to the start page on the desktop on all machines.
    The problem...
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    Re: Tricky C# COM debugging problem

    There is a PDB and TLB file generated in the same folder as the generated COM DLL.
    I have also attached the debug Console client to the VS Debug toolmenu via the Start Action->Start Application in...
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    Tricky C# COM debugging problem

    Hi Folks,
    I have implemented a C# COM library object with a simple interface that seems to be working fine.
    The only problem is that I can't debug it using Visual Studio 2003. I have set a...
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