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  1. Re: Read 1000 Lines from text file in a single shot ........

    Im having a similar problem.. I want to read the string on line 6 of my textfile without having to read the 5 lines before it. is this possible or do i have to pad each string to 20 spaces (char[20])...
  2. Re: help: C++ Writing a file from Text Box data

    thanks AlexF,

    the code you gave me:
    "StreamWriter^ pwriter = gcnew StreamWriter("memberFile.dat", true);"
    appends the data to the end of the file which is exactly what i needed!

    my file...
  3. help: C++ Writing a file from Text Box data

    please help,
    Ive got as far on my own as i can and have hit a brick wall!

    I am making a member application where members details can be input by text boxes and stored to a file, the code below...
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