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  1. How to detect PDF Viewer plug-in from a servlet

    Hi all,

    I need a servlet code that would return the type of client browser and detect if there is a PDF Viewer plug-in installed on it.

    I've tried using HttpServletRequest 's available...
  2. Generation of password protected excel file using JasperReports

    Hi all,

    I just want to generate a password protected excel report using JasperReports.

    I have no problem in generating an excel report using the following lines of code :

    try {
  3. Replies

    Convert proc.HasExited from C#.Net to Java

    Hi all,

    I have a C#.Net console app code that transfers files between linux and windows ftp servers.

    The code's behavior is that I automatically open a console to display status of the file...
  4. Re: Set up DOMAIN_HOME environment variable in SUSE Linux

    Yes, got it! It worked.. Thanks much :)
  5. Re: FTP Put a zip file that contains text files in Linux

    Thanks so much. You were both right.

    FTP Transfer of zip file from linux to windows server doesn't affect the contents of the zip file. I am generating my text files dynamically through java code...
  6. FTP Put a zip file that contains text files in Linux

    Hi all,

    I am transferring a file from a linux pc going to a windows ftp server using "ftp put". My file is a zip file that includes .txt files inside it.

    Here is what's happening when I...
  7. Set up DOMAIN_HOME environment variable in SUSE Linux

    Hi all,

    I am running Java NetBeans 6.9 jdk 6 on SUSE Linux (a newbie on linux) and I currently need to get the path of the weblogic domain of my Java application.
    I have read that I can directly...
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