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    Re: calculate month in dateTime

    Const Feb As Integer = 2
    Dim daysInFebLeap As Integer = System.DateTime.DaysInMonth(1996, Feb)
  2. Re: Starting COM object from Win Service...

    Thanks for the reply. I have that box checked. Still nothing. No errors in the event viewer. I will have a look at permissions.

  3. Starting COM object from Win Service...

    I can't seem to start a COM object using a windows service. I have added the proper reference. The code works in a Windows Application. This is an example of what I am trying to do:
    Private Sub...
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    COM Object won't run from Win Service

    I'm trying to write a Windows Service that runs a COM object (WRQ Reflection Terminal Emulator) at regular intervals. This code works in a regular Win App. What am I doing wrong?

    Private Sub...
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    Re: Making A "BROWSE" button

    be sure to add the Microsoft Common Dialog Control to your form
  6. Re: parallel port programming in visual basic 6

    check out the info here:

    io.dll is very cool
  7. Re: WebBrowser DocumentComplete & Frames Problem

    This is from the Microsoft website:

    Private Sub myIE_DocumentComplete(ByVal pDisp As Object, URL As Variant)
    If pDisp Is myIE Then
    DocComplete = True
    End If
    End Sub
  8. How can I click the Send button In Webbrowser

    this is the HTML from the page:

    <td align=right><font size=2 face=arial,geneva color=000000><input
    class="btnDsp" type="button" onClick='onSend();' value='Send'> <input
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    Re: Disabling Flexgrid Header click...

    Thanks for the cool code, Cimperiali, it will come in handy.

    This did the trick:

    If fg1.MouseRow = 0 Then Exit Sub

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    Disabling Flexgrid Header click...

    How do I disable clicking on the header in a MSFlexGrid ?

    I tried:

    If fg1.row = 0 then Exit Sub

    in the click event, which does nothing, it's like clicking the firrst row of data.

    and I...
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    Re: Another E-Mail Question (SMTP)...

    How do I differentiate between the differente parts of the MailBody string. I mean how do I seperate the Subject from the Body if it is just one string?

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    Another E-Mail Question (SMTP)...

    I'm trying out this very nice little app for sending email written by WizBang, thanks WizBang. I can't figure out how to add a Subject line to it without generating an error. Any help would be...
  13. Re: Help! Synchronizing Two Fields (DAO)...

    OK I got it ! Thanks you very much.

  14. Re: Help! Synchronizing Two Fields (DAO)...

    Thanks Doug... your are too kind. This is what I have:

    Set rstDownEquipF1 = dbPageMe.OpenRecordset("EquipQF1", dbOpenDynaset)
    Set rstTempF1 = dbPageMe.OpenRecordset("TempEquipQF1",...
  15. Re: Help! Synchronizing Two Fields (DAO)...

    Thanks, Doug, for the reply and suggestions. I have two Tables (tX and tZ) in one database. I want to sync one field (A) from tX and one field (B) from tZ. I'll try using the DELETE statement....
  16. Help! Synchronizing Two Fields (DAO)...

    I want to compare two fields (A & B) in an Access Database. I want to add all the records in field A to Field B and delete all the records in B that are not in A. Pretty simple but I haven't had any...
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    Re: How to find 3 digit number in string...

    Wow, both your suggestions are very slick (nice). I'll try both. I also found this in the VBA program I'm controlling... It looks promising also:

    Text = object.GetText(StartRow, StartColumn,...
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    Re: How to find 3 digit number in string...

    This is what a typical string looks like. It's from a terminal emulater program. I just want to read the Station and the Status Catagory columns. I believe it is tab delimited text.

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    How to find 3 digit number in string...

    I would like to find every 3-digit number in a string and add each 3-digit number to a database.

    The database stuff I know but finding a 3-digit number... I'm lost. All help is very appreciated....
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    How can I create two session objects?

    I'm having trouble creating two seperate sessions of WRQ Reflection for HP. My code for creating the first session works fine, but when I try to create the second session. I get errors like,...
  21. Re: I need to set CurrentRecord in a DAO recordset...

    Yes you are correct sir. this did it

    With rstLoggedIn
    .FindFirst "EmployeeID = '" & EmpID & "'"
    !EquipSetF1 = cboEquipSetF1.Text
    !EquipSetF2 = cboEquipSetF2.Text
  22. Re: I need to set CurrentRecord in a DAO recordset...

    OK, Still no luck. It will only edit and update the first record. EmpID is correct and it DOES exist in the table... In fact I read the EmployeeID field to populate a combobox, Which I use to select...
  23. Re: I need to set CurrentRecord in a DAO recordset...

    I am looking for the first occurance of the string EmpID in the EmployeeID field. There is only one occurance of a particular EmpID in this recordset. The NoMatch remains false, meaning the record...
  24. I need to set CurrentRecord in a DAO recordset...

    I'm using the FindFirst method to find the matching record in a field but it will only update the first record. What am I doing wrong?

    With rstLoggedIn
    Do Until .EOF - 1
  25. Re: How do I populate a combobox with Field names

    Many thanks Jeff...I bow to your brilliance.

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