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    Re: Need to develop a Time Management form

    It sounds like you have a solid understanding of what you have to do. What was your question though?
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    Re: Stream PDF from URL in mail

    Web services won't work like you're expecting without some major development. Web services work typically with SOAP which basically involves serializing data into Xml, sending it, deserializing it,...
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    Regular Expressions and BB Code

    So I'm working on a very rudimentary BB Code parsing component that will be used by a handful of people. I'm very bad at regular expressions but I was able to piece several together from internet...
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    Re: Alternative to shell command ?

    Not sure what you mean. What do you mean it doesn't run as if you double clicked on it?

    Sure you can. The second parameter to the Process.Start() method are the parameters.

    So if you're used...
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    Re: SDL & Win32 in Vista

    I developed an SDL game without issues on Vista so it's most likely not due to the OS being Vista though I'm not exactly sure what the problem is.
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    Re: DLL to The Application ? (Message)

    I'm not sure what you mean by "injected". Sending data to a dialog is just like assigning data to any other classes and vice versa.
  7. Re: how to implement the "remember password" feature

    This is a very difficult feature to implement correctly.

    Theses were the options I came up with but they all have a flaw:

    Encrypt all usernames and passwords and store into a file (Xml, Binary...
  8. Re: C# 2D Images, GDI too slow, XNA/DirectX/OpenGL???

    Drawing text is very simple. In the early betas, there was only TextureFont so you had to use images but you can use a SpriteFont instead.

    Just add a SpriteFont to your project, open it and adjust...
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    Re: Generics for numbers?

    It sounds to me like you may want to look into using C++ and templates. I'm not sure if you can use templates with managed C++ code but that could also solve your issue.
  10. Re: C# 2D Images, GDI too slow, XNA/DirectX/OpenGL???

    Why not manually handle where the mouse is on the screen? Xna doesn't really have events but in the update method you could check where the mouse is and if the button is down.

    Also, I thought I...
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    Re: block another program from running?

    Sounds like a regular firewall to me. It blocks IMs and lets you control your internet.

    Allowing shutdown of a game or any other program is also simple. You transverse what's currently open and...
  12. Re: C# 2D Images, GDI too slow, XNA/DirectX/OpenGL???

    Jpegs and Pngs "just work" in XNA (that includes transparency in Pngs) :)

    I'm not too sure of some of your questions but is the best site for Xna information. There are...
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    Re: Ref to value type

    You can use pointers in C# just like you did in C++. You just have to check the option in your project to allow unsafe code.

    Then take a look at this:...
  14. Re: How to convert XML file in to a class file using c#?

    XML Serialization is the easiest way but if this is a hand made XML file (and no class created to go along with it) then I think you're stuck doing it by hand and coding the class first.
  15. Re: C# 2D Images, GDI too slow, XNA/DirectX/OpenGL???

    XNA GameStudio 2.0 automatically installs the libraries so you can use them in Visual Studio 2005 (rather than using the express verison) :)
  16. Re: C# 2D Images, GDI too slow, XNA/DirectX/OpenGL???

    I have never heard of any issues with the Linux UI and slowness. X Server is pretty snappy and OpenGL works well (check out compiz fusion or UT 2004).

    The main reason Linux is used as a server OS...
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    Re: Generics and type names.

    I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish. What do you mean by correct type? A string is a string

    If you want to figure out what type something is, wouldn't typeof be better?
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    Re: problem in reading a csv file

    Thread1 is correct. According to the CSV specification, if there are commas within text then it should be surrounded by double quotes.

    This code should correctly parse any line within a CSV file:...
  19. Re: C# 2D Images, GDI too slow, XNA/DirectX/OpenGL???

    Just wanted to point out that this is very wrong. While I do prefer Windows, Linux has the ability to run games just as well as Windows. In fact, there are many games that run great on Linux (UT 2004...
  20. Re: Search name address from resume in .doc format(Resume parser)

    This sounds like it was copied and pasted directly from a homework problem or a project from a company.

    We will not help you with such things, however; we are willing to help you if you have any...
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    Cryptography using Standards

    Is there any Cryptography library that works on multiple platforms and doesn't require any extra redistributables (i.e. no DLLs)?

    I'm looking for a way to encrypt some files and I would like it to...
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    Re: Native code and IL

    They added generics, however; they are no where near as powerful as templates and it's a bit awkward to use them.
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    Native code and IL

    I haven't had a chance to use managed C++ yet (been working with unmanaged C++ and C#).

    If I create a managed C++ project and use a lot of the STL, does the entire project translate into IL or...
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    Re: overloaded function resolution...

    You sent an int to a function and the function that ran was the one that accepted an int, correct?

    Where is the confusion? Or did I miss something?
  25. Need to create a DLL that can be accessed by .Net

    I wasn't sure where I should post this since I am not working with managed code per say. If it's in the wrong forum, please move it.

    Basically, I have to create several classes and methods for a...
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