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    Accepting Donations online in India

    I am developing Alumni site for my college. Idea is to accept money in Indian Currency ( through credit cards ). Can I use paypal for this, I heard paypal wont work for Indian Currency...
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    Problem building a MSI

    Hi all,
    I have a VC++ project, I compiled with VS2005 and it worked well.
    I built an MSI which is also fine.

    The problem is, When i installed MSI on another system and tried launching the...
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    Re: Windows Cluster Service

    Hi all,

    In a cluster scenario , Printer driver upgrade/update is done based on time-stamp comparision till now.

    Lets say when i install some HP drivers , xxx.exe ( version 1.4 ) is also...
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    I am a beginner using struts

    Hi all,
    I am a beginer learning struts. I am reading many books but unable to get clear idea. If anyone can suggest me a sample and simple application,very thanks. Or i need a web...
  5. suggest a nice presentation on

    i am a new learner of java...a presentation in package thnaks if u suggest me a link
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    Re: how to add calendar in HTML page

    thank you very much sir, i got an answer but i wanted it in a very rich manner...I will check out the links...Thank u once again
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    how to add calendar in HTML page

    I want a calendar in a HTML page which shows current month in a big table , pevious and next month in small tables. Can anyone code it for me in a very simple manner. If possible place Buttons to...
  8. Re: How to add a Row to a table dynamically

    Thank u for the answer..It is a nice approach...But I managed to do that in another way...And The method u suggested is Good...

    With Regards,
    Venu Gopal.
  9. How to add a Row to a table dynamically

    What i have is a table(1) with some information...And another table(2) with same Header fields as the above in the same HTML page...Initially the second table is empty and the first is populated with...
  10. Re: How to access VDU Ram through a VB Program

    Thank you sir for ur reply..What I did actually is "what u said".. I captured PrintScreen Image from ClipBoard and sent to the Server( along with options like viewing in 2bit color mode,16 bit color...
  11. How to access VDU Ram through a VB Program

    Hi,Techno Geeks , I am doing a project on REMOTE DESKTOP MONITORING( watching Client Desktops by sitting on a server). I did that by capturing Client Desktop Image as jpg and i sent them to the...
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