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    TCP Client/Server close connection

    I'm trying to write an server application. When the server has an error (ie the client sent invalid data), I want to send a signal back to the client and then close the connections.

    //server error...
  2. Re: Show unique constraint in database diagram

    It is showing the key for the primary keys, and it is showing the link for foreign keys. But when it is just one column that is just unique and not linked to anything else, nothing else is displayed.
  3. Show unique constraint in database diagram

    I am using sqlserver management studio to make a database diagram. I've figured out how to show more info than just the column name. But I can't find a way to show that a column has a uniqueness...
  4. Re: Xml Serialization case insensitive for enum

    When you use XmlSerializer, it does everything for you. You pass it an XmlReader and it spits back an object that matches one of the objects you've created in your code. Therefore, I'm not really in...
  5. Re: Xml Serialization case insensitive for enum

    OK, I was just checking to see if something like that existed. Sometimes it's better to stop a user from causing the error rather than just saying user error.
  6. Xml Serialization case insensitive for enum

    I have an xml file used to load settings into my program. One of the settings is the logging level. If the user can't get the program to start, I'll often ask them to manually change the level from...
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    SetWindowPos not working in loop

    I had posted this in C# because that's what I'm writing in, but I think this might be able to get a few ideas here.
  8. Re: Diamond Inheritance Problem - C#

    Interfaces are just templates of what a part of a class should look like. It specifies the methods that can be seen by the outside world, it doesn't actually implement any code.
    So you have 2...
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    Re: SetWindowPos not working in loop

    Unfortunately, not. The program gets the hWND based the window title. Then once all the handles are collected they are used to position, resize, and preform other basic action dealing with how the...
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    SetWindowPos not working in loop

    I'm using SetWindowPos to bring a certain set of windows. This works fine when I just try to bring one window to the front. However, when I try to bring a group of windows to the front, only the...
  11. Re: Inherited form controls not showing in designer

    That's the one that got me. Thanks.
  12. Inherited form controls not showing in designer

    I'm have a base form class with a few controls on it. Then I added a new Inherited Form to the project. When I looked at the designer tab, none of the inherited controls are showing up.

    If I run...
  13. OpenFileDialog w/o upward directory navigation

    I want to let my user easily select a file that can only be located within a specific folder. Is there something I can use beyond InitialDirectory to limit navigation upward?
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    Re: Handeling child forms

    Looks like I jumped the gun on saying it works. It appears that the order of events is:
    Click the X of parent

    However, I found a way to...
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    Re: Handeling child forms

    Thanks. I put used the parent's closing to set closingForReal and it looks to be working.
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    Handeling child forms

    In my application the parent form (form1) will be creating a number of child forms (form2). All of the form2 forms are created, but kept invisible when form1 is initialized. As the user navigates...
  17. Re: Catching exception when deserializing an object

    Ok, I guess I can just write it so that the strings are checked right after the list is created.
  18. Catching exception when deserializing an object

    I have a list of objects that have a regular expression as one of the properties. When this property is set, the syntax of the string is checked to ensure it is a valid regular expression, an...
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