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  1. WCF Method that takes an object as its parameter

    I'm still quite new the WCF Services

    School assignments that I done on WCF were writing simple methods of WCF service which accepts strings or int or bool values.

    However, I came across this...
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    Deadlock Task Factory Treading Problem

    Hi all C# gurus I need advice on Deadlock

    Using .NET4.0 / VS 2010

    I have a code structure for Window Service, multithreading, task factory like

    public partial class rs : ServiceBase
  3. Quick C# Help Retrieve data using while (!sr.EndOfStream)

    I ran into problem for my school assignment and it is to display whatever in a meal.csv file, here is a code we are starting with. The array string of itemDetails is where the data is store then...
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