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  1. Makefile options to compile for 64 bit

    Hi All,

    I have called a C function inside C++ code. The .so which gets created is a 32 bit while I am looking for 64 bit . What all options should be mentioned in the Make file to eventually...
  2. Re: 64 bit compatible library for UUID generator

    These are the entire details of compiler, version and environment used:
    uname -a
    SunOS nukigaki 5.10 Generic_147147-26 sun4u sparc SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise

    g++ -v
    gcc version 3.4.3...
  3. Re: 64 bit compatible library for UUID generator

    Hi Paul,

    I am using g++ compiler for 64 bit , my make file contains the following description!

    # CCC : C++ compiler
    # CPPFLAGS : Flags for the C++ copmpiler
    # LDFLAGS : Options for...
  4. 64 bit compatible library for UUID generator

    I am looking for UUID 64 bit compatible library. I have used BOOST UUID generator, but faced compatibility issues with stlport4 and iostream libraries compiling together.
    Please let me know, if...
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