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  1. html page calls default.aspx.vb and gets Ispostback false

    I have an asp html page that allows the user to input data into a web page. When they click the submit button it calls a default.aspx.vb. The ISPostback is always false so it skips my sql add...
  2. Re: Filestream System.OutofmemoryException


    As I mentioned I have a machine that has 8 GB of memory. I had to shut down my machine to take it home last night.

    When I tried to load the file again today it loaded with no problem....
  3. Re: Filestream System.OutofmemoryException

    I'm new to C#, any ideas how I can fix this?

  4. Filestream System.OutofmemoryException

    I am getting an System.OutofmemoryException when using Filestream to load zip file. the file is 521MB. My code is:

    //Insert using Filestream, file into SQL Server Table
    private void...
  5. pass parameters from MS Access to C#

    Is it possible to pass parameters from MS Access to C#. If so, how would I do this?

  6. c# select sql server database based on combo box

    I have a windows form with a "ComboBox" on it. The "ComboBox" has the words "Production" and "Development" in it. If the user selects "Production", I need my C# code to point to the Production...
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