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  1. Re: Open .html on load of form and to make default web browser!

    I know how to make a file association, but i want the actual web browser to load a .html that is clicked in explorer.exe Have you seen the video?
  2. Open .html on load of form and to make default web browser!

    hi, i run C# 2010, .NET 4
    I would like some help to be able to make my form- a web browser.
    My aim is that when a .html file is clicked outside my app, it opens the form and the web browser control...
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    Re: Progress bar Error!

    i've already done that

    but it just has the same box- but with different values spawning indefinitely.

    Can you give some code that can ensure that the progress bar doesn't make an error!
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    Progress bar Error!

    I am running c# 2010/.NET 4 Client Profile

    I have some code for my progress bar-statusProgress

    this code seems to do it's job, it displays the progress of my web browser control-webBrowser
  5. Make a label be a URL-straight from a web browser object!

    I use VS C#2010 and .NET V4 and i want to make the form title be the URL of a webbrowser control

    Also i have made a label and also want that to display the URL so the application would be great!!...
  6. Thread: Web Browser

    by Jonathanwb

    Re: Web Browser

    i'm doing a web browser, but didn't think of a progress bar-so could i also see the code?
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    URL display on label/title

    Hey i'm creating an app and i need a label and the title of the form to replicate that of the url of a web browser control that is open.

    I use .net 4/VS c# 2010!

    So could you give a small code...
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