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    Deflate Compression with chain hash ?

    In RFC1951 -Deflate compressed Data Format Specification, indicates that when doing LZ77 Compression using chain hash algorithm.

    I don't know how to use chain hash to do LZ77 Compression.
  2. How to Stop AppDomain From Execute Assembly ?

    I have and AppDomain that execute certain Assembly.

    1. How do I know that the AppDomain Still Execute current assembly ?
    2. if the Current assembly still being execute, How can I stop the...
  3. Re: How to convert .Net Framework array to native c++ array ?

    nevermind after I try to compile it doesn't work. looks like can't mixed between c++ array with c++ managed array.
  4. How to convert .Net Framework array to native c++ array ?

    I have 3 variable :

    1. char TVar1[100];
    2. array<char,1>^ TVar2;
    3. String^ TVar3;
    How can I Copy data on TVar2 or TVar3 to TVar1 ?
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    How To Know if EventHandler is empty ?

    Hi, I am new to Window Form Application.
    I have a costum control class with eventhandler NewClick;
    declaration :
    event EventHandler^ NewClick;
    how do I know if there is no Method in NewClick or...
  6. Does another Browser except ie and firefox support ajax ?

    does opera and other browser support ajax ?
    specially : http request from client side to retrieve document, xml etc.
    if it does how ?
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    Re: Creating Passable Variables

    What kind of script language do you use ?
  8. Re: Can someone explain with this strcpy algorithm ?

    thanx for the answer,
    but why it's has to be 32 bit align ?
    I know 'align 16' is for the code not for string. but what for 'align 16' ? is it speed up the process or something else ?
  9. Can someone explain with this strcpy algorithm ?

    I got it from microsoft visual studio source code.

    strlen proc

    .FPO ( 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0 )

    string equ [esp + 4]
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    Re: Assembly and C

    You should know Calling convention .
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    How to Link Object file (*.Obj) ?

    like the title. How ?
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    Detailed MASM Reference (PROC) ?

    I try to search for online book for detailed reference of MASM, but I can't find it.

    label PROC [[distance]] [[langtype]] [[visibility]] [[<prologuearg>]]
    [[USES reglist]] [[, parameter...
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    Re: Who can give me some advice about book?

    The Art Of Assembly Language Website
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    Operand Size ?

    hi, I am new to Asm.
    EAX value is contain pointer to memory

    cmp [EAX], 65h

    how do I know if it's compare byte, word or dword operand size ?

    how to make sure that the compare is in byte size...
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    assembly block code Error ?

    Inside function :

    TCHAR TStr[100];
    TCHAR *TTStr=TStr;

    __asm {
    mov AL,[TStr];
  16. Is Escape Character Squence Doesn't work in IE 6 or Firefox 1.5 ?


    when I insert the value of element with tag name content to HTML Doc element InnerHTML. the value is empty...
  17. Re: Is there a way to read plain text on server ?

    The reason I don't want used AJAX is because it's open in XML.

    It will be pain to write in XML since HTML code is similiar to XML
    i must using &lt &gt for < > and etc...
  18. Re: Is there a way to read plain text on server ?

    I wouldn't ask in Javascript Forum. if I want to used other languages.

    The Idea is the plain text contain part of html code like

    so when using javascript I can insert to...
  19. Re: Is there a way to read plain text on server ?

    Isn't AJAX is only read/write xml file with javascript ?

    I want just plain text to be read
  20. Is there a way to read plain text on server ?

    Is there a way to read plain text on server and store it on string variable ?
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    Re: Help : What's wrong with this HTML Code ?

    I mean when I click on 'sdsddsd' text the 'testing' text should be change color not the 'sdsddsd' text.
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    Help : What's wrong with this HTML Code ?

    <H1 class="Main" style="color:red;">Testing
    <H1 onclick='document.classes.Main.all.color="green";'>sdsddsd
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    Tool to see how fast php

    Is there a tool to see how fast php page change into html ?

    which one is faster between this code ?

    Code 1 :

    for ($TA=0;$TA < 500;$TA++) {
    echo "<A...
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    Send Email without SMTP Server

    I am newbie.
    I try to send email without SMTP Server or from fake email account. It's for registration account which send activation code to new user email but prevent the user to reply back from...
  25. Re: Need Help: scroll bar in HTML Object Element

    no reason. the page isn't going online, I am just study/testing html with strict mode. I am already made the version using frame first, and just try to make it with strict mode.
    but if you want to...
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