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  1. Re: VB6: Excel won't close after sorting

    Good News! I solved my own problem(s). Basically had to make sure that my Range and Selection statements had the appropriate parent objects specified. Corrected code is shown below:

    Dim oExcel...
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    Re: Can't close an open excel application from VB

    Yes, K2Rng does have a value. I started a new thread as you suggested. I also added the missing lines where K1Rng and K2Rng are defined.
  3. [RESOLVED] VB6: Excel won't close after sorting

    STARTED NEW THREAD************************

    I am having an issue where Excel doesn't close when it should. Here is a very simplified version of my code. If I remove the code identified as...
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    Range is keeping Excel open from VB 6 code

    Did anyone ever post a working reply to this problem?? I am having the same issue that Fred describes. Here is a very simplified version of my code. If I remove the code identified as "Problem...
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    Re: VB 6.0 with Access 2007

    I had a similar problem when I first switched to Access2007 (when trying to connect to .accdb database files).

    If you were using the Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library, try removing the...
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    VB6 -> Access2007 -> Sharepoint

    I've got a VB6 front end to an Access2007 database. I'm using the Microsoft Office12 Object Library and standard DAO type commands to query/read/write to the database. Typical commands to open the...
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