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  1. Re: Need help porting VB6 code to C#

    Alright, i fixed the problem, thanks for the insight, will mark as resolved, once again thanks alot guys :)
  2. Re: Need help porting VB6 code to C#

    Wouldn't that be a synchronous method, if i use that in a GUI application, it'll hang completely, unless i can make a thread using that method.
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    Re: Difference between and

    I'm a VB6 programmer and when i first saw VB .NET and tried to learn it it was **** near impossible, they changed everything and made it completely different, VB6 is dead, but its still the most...
  4. Re: Need help porting VB6 code to C#

    I made a function like Left in VB6 as C# didn't have the equivalent i wanted, as substring passes an error if the len is bigger then the string, so this way it doesn't, and it adds the data to...
  5. [RESOLVED] Need help porting VB6 code to C#

    Alright i'm trying to get this:

    Dim newcom As String, i As Integer, Data As String
    wskData.GetData Data
    WSBuffer = WSBuffer + Data
    While InStr(WSBuffer, vbLf) > 0
    i =...
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    Re: Socket Error need help

    Awesome, thanks, will mark as solved.
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    [RESOLVED] Socket Error need help

    Ok so first things first, here is the error i'm getting and then i'll post the code below it where the error happens:

    No overload for method 'EndReceive' takes '0' arguments (CS1501) -...
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