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    Re: Multiple SQL connection strings

    My initial question was not simple enough then...... generic code is as follows :-

    using (var con ........) // Integrated Authentication
    .... code block......
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    Multiple SQL connection strings

    I have a winforms application & depending on the user selection regarding SQL authentication there are 2 possible connection strings :-

    - using (var con = new SqlConnection(String.Format("Data...
  3. [RESOLVED] Multiple datatables to single chart

    Hi all,

    I have an application that displays data into a chart. There are several data sources (datatables) & each source is evaluated as a separate chart. There is one chart visual element in the...
  4. [RESOLVED] Passing data between two DataTables


    I'm looking to move data between two DataTables (with a twist) & am looking for some guidance......

    I have a WinForms application that works as follows :-
    - Form_A is the main form &...
  5. Re: [RESOLVED] Copy from datatable to new datatable

    I had part of the code in the incorrect scope, so it was localised to a command button & not being shareable.

    I then used this code to copy the selected columns to the second datatable :-
  6. [RESOLVED] Copy from datatable to new datatable

    Hi all,

    Hoping for some pointers / advice.........

    I have a winforms application that imports data from a flat file into a datatable.

    I need to select certain columns from this import &...
  7. [RESOLVED] Excel import mapping to datagridview

    Hi all,

    I have an Excel spreadsheet that I am importing into a datagridview in a winforms application.

    Unfortunately the Excel spreadsheet comes from an external source that I have no control...
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