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    Re: Spring MVC - Url Handling Problem

    Thank you so much ProgramThis, I changed my approach to Annotation-based configuration. Really it's a lot easier than XML-based approach. :) But when I tried to deploy my project in eclipse, I saw an...
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    Spring MVC - Url Handling Problem

    Hello to everyone,

    I'm trying to setup a Spring MVC project. I posted my configuration files below.
    I'll be really glad if someone helps me.

    Thanks in advance,
    With regards,
  3. Re: Eclipse is always locked [High CPU & RAM usage]

    thank u for ur reply and interest.. truly I had this problem while using Windows Vista. So I installed Ubuntu, I thought like u said, maybe some programs prevent Eclipse's run or speed.. But it's...
  4. Re: Eclipse is always locked [High CPU & RAM usage]

    my laptop has 3GB RAM, AMD Turion 64 x2 CPU.. I didn't installed any plugins except Hibernate. I run eclipse like u do.. and this problem isn't occured to me, there're many people who has this...
  5. Re: Eclipse is always locked [High CPU & RAM usage]

    So can u say me my mistake?? what's wrong here??
  6. Re: Eclipse is always locked [High CPU & RAM usage]

    Sorry, I wrote wrong by mistake, my version is Eclipse Galileo SR2.. By the way I searched a lot, and did what people recommend. But it's still same.. So I opened a topic..

  7. Eclipse is always locked [High CPU & RAM usage]

    Hello everyone,

    I'm using Eclipse Galileo RC2 (the latest distrubition of Eclipse), it is always locked.. After a little time from startup it starts to use too much CPU and RAM.
    And not a long...
  8. Re: "org.hibernate.Session" ClassNotFoundException

    yes, exactly. It was occured because of 'build path' mistake..
    Thanks you so much again.
  9. Re: "org.hibernate.Session" ClassNotFoundException

    OK thank you so much dlorde.. I appreciated from your help..
    With regards,
  10. Re: "org.hibernate.Session" ClassNotFoundException

    I just added all my external jar files into my server's (Apache Tomcat 6.0) "lib" folder. Eventually, this exception has gone.. But unfortunately now I take another exception:...
  11. Re: "org.hibernate.Session" ClassNotFoundException

    Here's the link for my small test project. I'll be happy if you can try it on your computer.
    Thanks in advance..
  12. [SOLVED] "org.hibernate.Session" ClassNotFoundException

    Hello to all,

    Despite I added all necessary .jar files to project, I always take boring exception warnings that say "class not found". I added the code and exception output below. I'll be so happy...
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    problems in my binary tree header program

    Hello to everyone,

    I'm getting some boring errors in my program.. I need a quick help from u all..

    Thanx in advance..
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