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  1. JavaScript Codemirror highlightSelectionMatches count

    I am wanting to get the count for the matches it finds per work that the cursor is over. Currently this works fine for the standard code that's being used but it highlights words that do not repeat...
  2. Calling .DLL dragdrop function within WinForms

    I am looking for a example of how to get information from a WPF .dll (in a drag/drop mode) in my normal WinForm form.

    As an example of what I am looking for:

    I have yet to find an...
  3. Decoding RFID data hexadecimal math issue C++

    I currently am stuck at getting the needed outcome data from my RFID card. I got it decoded but now I need to do a few more things in order to get the final card number off the back of the card.
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    wpf easing bouncing in/out animation

    Hey all I am pretty new at creating a WPF in VS 2013. I am wanting this box to bounce & ease in/out.

    The current code i have:

    <BeginStoryboard x:Name="FadeInStoryBoard">
  5. UI Automation AutomationIdProperty Not Working

    Hey all i have the following code that *should* find a button and click on it within the program:

    aeDesktop = AutomationElement.RootElement

    Dim numwaits As Integer =...
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    Web Reference to Soap WS XML Root->Node

    Hey all I have this company that has a web service that I can link up to. Problem is that the soap xml structure has a root and then has a node.

    The XML looks like this:

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    C# to Invoke error

    Hey all I am trying to figure out how to get the code below to work in I already converted it from C# to

    Dim dt As New DataTable()
    Dim dr As DataRow

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    WPF Expander content not wrapping

    Need to add a WPF Expander to the form. It works just fine other than when you drop down the expander the text does not wrap around (meaning it just continues in a straight line even if the expander...
  9. Appending before or after a tag name in a webbrowser control

    Hey all I am trying to figure out how to add a new tag to a webbroswer page before or after the found tag name.

    I am append to the tag name just fine but that only puts it within that tag. I want...
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    Re: loop mp3 until next IF is selected

    Doesnt have anything to do with sounds it seems...
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    1,226 loop mp3 until next IF is selected

    Hey all i have the following code:

    Dim totalDistance as Boolean = False

    Private Sub distanceCheckerTicker()
    Dim totalDistance As Integer = 0 'MAX 1,000

    For Each pair As...
  12. Vb.Net Dispose Picturebox(Es) And Load Them Again

    Hey all i have about 30 pictureboxes on my win form. It populates images every time a new song gets played (think of it as "previous played list").

    The pictureboxes look like so on the form (3 row...
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    Serial port (com port) reading data

    I have a valentine 1 radar and also the V1Connect (bluetooth adaptor) for it hooked to my PC via a Virtual Serial Port (COM 16).

    I am trying to read the data coming from it but all i am getting is...
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    WPF UI Automation finding image

    Hey all i am trying to get an image from a WPF application:

    As you can see the image is under the tree

    "Remote phone" window > "" custom > "" image

  15. Programmatically add label to grid using WPF

    Hey all i am trying to add a label to my grid using the following code:

    Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.RoutedEventArgs) Handles Button1.Click...
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    Re: Yammer REST API POST message to wall/feed

    It can be used because there is a wrapper in .net already made (that i also cant understand how to start)
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    Re: Yammer REST API POST message to wall/feed

    This is what i found on stackoverflow abou it:
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    Re: Yammer REST API POST message to wall/feed

    VB is not supported.

    Dont know about the firewall but i am already able to get the access token via javascript so i am guessing no its not.
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    Re: Yammer REST API POST message to wall/feed

    They dont have anything for They only offer javascript, Python and Ruby.
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    Bearer token in the (OAuth) Authorization request header for REST API POST call

    Hey all i am trying to figure out how to do this OAuth authorization token for a REST API POST call.

    The documents state:

    Currently my code is this:

    Dim request As HttpWebRequest...
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    6,173 start from value in array

    Hey all i have the following json response that i am trying to find:

    "threaded_extended": {
    "3570956071": [
    "id": [edited],
    "network_id": [edited],
    "sender_type": "user",
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    Directshow flip cam image FlipHorizontal

    Hey all i am trying to figure out how to use this code in order to flip the image Horizontal Currently it is reading words i have on cam backwards. The code is using the DLL from here:...
  23. c# programatically selecting dropdown value

    I am new at C# and it seems the following code below does not seem to select my combobox value:

    private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
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    954 getting elements from response

    Hey all i have the following **** code to find elements within a JSON response:

    Dim url As String =...
  25. Re: Subtract current track time from total track time


    Dim times As String() = lblSongTime.Text.Split("/"c)
    Dim elapsedTime As TimeSpan = TimeSpan.ParseExact(times(0).Trim(), "m\:ss", Nothing)
    Dim totalTime As TimeSpan =...
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