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  1. Re: is this cast to add const guaranteed to be OK?

    Thank you both for your replies! :)

    laserlight, I decided to use your idea and it has cured 90% of the issue. I added a small class which is able to give the appearance of being either an array...
  2. is this cast to add const guaranteed to be OK?


    I have a class in a speed critical program which contains some data to be shared with callers outside the class. The data is reasonably large and copying it should be avoided as much as...
  3. Re: Heap object created on the stack isn't cleaned up properly

    From Paul McKenzie:

    Quite true! What fools some programmers into thinking otherwise is that the C Run Time will sometimes check the integrity of the heap in a debug build on calls to delete (or...
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    Re: Memory Leak in Constructor?

    The only false positives I've ever seen from the CRT leak-checking happen when you allocate and delete memory in a static singleton. Apparently, the CRT initiates the leak-checking when a static...
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    Re: When to use pointers?

    At the risk of sticking my neck out, I wonder if I could give my two cents on the issue of the usage pointers vs. references discussed back in posts 5 through 9 of this thread? (Please excuse me if...
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    Re: Create new array, the fast way

    This sounds (no pun intended) like it might be a good candidate for offloading to the GPU. If you are using Visual Studio 2012 you can use AMP...
  7. How to substitute correct module when debugging a dump file for Visual Studio 2010?


    I have a dump file from a remote machine which I'm trying to debug. Both the remote machine and my debugger are using Windows 7 with Service Pack 1. The crashing program was built with...
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    Re: Modifying an existing array with a function

    Sidebar: How do you get the quote icon and the name of the person who said it inside the box?

    This is only my opinion and I know a lot of people, including the designers of the STL, disagree with...
  9. Re: try/catch don't work under release version???

    From amcelroy:

    Well, it largely boils down to what Paul McKenzie was saying in posts #18 and #19. It's the whole "undefined behavior" idea. If the random variable points outside the program's...
  10. Re: try/catch don't work under release version???

    From amcelroy:

    Actually, that is quite easy to do in a non-erroneous way, as long as you are careful not to access any member data or the v-table of the possibly NULL class. (MFC code did it...
  11. Re: How best to prevent memory exhaustion in time-critical dynamic programming?

    I didn't mean to start a war! :)

    Actually, I'm finding the posts from all three of you potentially useful. Unfortunately I've not had the opportunity to try any of these ideas yet four a couple...
  12. How best to prevent memory exhaustion in time-critical dynamic programming?


    I am trying to solve a knapsack problem in a time-critical application. I've found I can shave a couple dozen seconds off of some inputs with dynamic programming. The problem is, the...
  13. Re: Very Simple question about checking zero value ..

    The best way to fix this depends on whether you normally expect to have steep (nearly vertical) lines or whether they can have any orientation.

    In the former case (if lines will always be steep)...
  14. Re: 0xC0000005 - Access violation (Each time from a different dll)

    Adding code to force the CRT to check the integrity of the heap before calling the DLL functions might help. I would do this by running it several times and, each time it crashes, add a call before...
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    Re: prime chekcer doesnt work

    Won't this misidentify the square of a prime number as a prime?

    For instance, if the argument is 9, then max is 3, the loop iterates only on 2 and doesn't check 3 because of "c < max" (which...
  16. why is inner class only accessible to template specialization if code is inlined?


    I've got this oddball problem in a much larger program which is replicated by the following code in VS 2010:


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    Re: std::vector initialization problem

    From Lindley:
    From Paul McKenzie:
    I hadn't thought of simply just sorting an array of pointers to each row, rather than the rows themselves. For the size of the table of exclusions, I don't think...
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    Re: std::vector initialization problem

    The array I'm sorting contains indices into a table of statistical data. The indices describe regions within the table which should be ignored by the analysis performed by "MyRoutine". They have to...
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    Re: std::vector initialization problem

    Thanks you two! I really would like to use std::sort, but I can't get it to compile. This sample I think recreates what I'm running into:

    #include <vector>
    #include <algorithm>

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    Re: std::vector initialization problem

    Thanks for the responses. :-)

    Apparently vector is safely converted to a raw array, as long as the type is not bool. According to these pages new versions the ISO standard require it:
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    std::vector initialization problem


    I have some code which needs to allocate a pointer to a list of arrays. The code which uses that pointer can throw exceptions. To prevent leaking the array, I would like to wrap the...
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    Re: move constructor is ignored?

    Thank you for your interest and response. Looking at it closer, I think you're right. I wrote this a couple of years ago and tried to pass everything around with pointers when possible and I'm...
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    move constructor is ignored?


    I've just written my first move constructors and move assignment operators. They seem to compile just fine, but when I try to set a breakpoint inside them, the debugger acts like they don't...
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    Re: floating point number formatting question

    You might be able to gain control and flexibility if you print it as two integers:

    #include <math.h>
    void NoTrailingZerosPrintf(double const dValue, unsigned short nDecimalPlaces)
  25. Re: Why won't this pointer-to-member-function compile?

    I've just figured it out (sort of). Apparently the type information or function signature is lost in the tertiary operator, as if the choice between the two overloads is made apart from the type of...
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