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    Re: BusyIndicator and UserControl

    You need to create a property in your ViewModel like

    private bool _myControlIsBusy;
    public bool MyControlIsBusy
    get { return _myControlIsBusy; }
    _myControlIsBusy = value;...
  2. Re: Changing the Document Property of docx file.

    Couldn't you just open the XML file and change the xmlns attribute on the root? If you need to do it in code, XElement in System.XML.Linq provides support. Use XElement.Name.Namespace.
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    Re: How do I update Sample Data in C#?

    There's not enough information here to give a meaningful response. Can you give more details? Maybe an example of how you'd like to call this method?
  4. Re: Is there something like an "OnPaint" method in C# and Silverlight?

    Every UserControl/Page has a Loaded event you could use for things like that. If you're using caching, you might consider the OnNavigatedTo event of the Page.
  5. Re: How do you get an Idle Message in a UserControl class in C# / Silverlight?

    I don't think there is one built into Silverlight. You could set up a timer in your MainPage that resets when the user does something and logs them out or whatever after however long you want.
  6. Re: How do I add row data directly to a DataGrid Class?

    As far as I know, you the DataGrid class does not support adding rows yourself, it is for templating rows and binding to an ItemsSource. FYI that the Grid class does let you add rows.

    You can just...
  7. Re: How to display Child window using Navigation Framework

    The Navigation Framework is for navigating around your application's pages. To show your childwindow, you can create a new ChildWindow, set its content property, and then invoke the Show method of...
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    Re: Problems publishing Silverlight App

    Do you get any errors we can look at? A "Not Found" from your WCF service perhaps?
  9. Re: How do I handle a requirement to put a magnifying glass feature onto my Silverlig

    The magnifying glass trick is an interesting one. There are a couple popular examples floating around the internet. I remember one where there were two identical images in a canvas one on top of the...
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    MP3 encoding in Java

    I'd like to be able to change the information (artist, album, date, etc) in the mp3 encoding for mp3 files. Does anyone know of library that can help me do this in Java? Searches reveal that the LAME...
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