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  1. What are ways to access the internet using Python?

    Hey guys,

    So, I'd like to do some basic things on the web using Python. For example, have it open a webpage for me, or have it download all the pictures on a given thread I input.

    What are the...
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    Re: Python wont run on Vista 64-bit!

    Doesn't help at all. I've tried re-download/installing with several versions, running with and without UAC, everything.

    Anyone have this problem? Anyone help?
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    Python wont run on Vista 64-bit!

    I've been trying, with multiple applications, and it refuses to run. PyScripter gives me an error, and no version of's IDLE application will even open.

    I've looked around at various...
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    How to select characters in string?

    So I'm working heavilly with Python right now, and one thing you can do it parse/select string pretty easily.

    For example, if you wanted to create a variable and display a few letters, it'd be:
  5. Re: Creating New Objects! (but not what you may think)

    Hehe... I'm kind of a giant n00b at programming. So I suppose I'll have to look into what a constructor is, because I'm oblivious. :P
  6. Re: Creating New Objects! (but not what you may think)

    Okay, I'll try to be a wee bit less complicated than my main post.

    Say you wanted to create a character. The character has three stats: Strength, Agility, and Wisdom. You also can name him.

  7. Creating New Objects! (but not what you may think)

    Okay, I don't mean creating objects like "int a = 1;" kinda thing. Here's what I'm curious about:

    What code or process could I use to make it possible to create/name objects? For example:

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