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  1. Re: Displaying calculated transactions in label

    Your class form1 can contain properties for debit, debit and total. Every transaction updates the labels in your window with a new value depending on which box you put it into. I must admit i still...
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    Re: Hangman issue

    Perhaps I shouldn't have referred to a line. I was talking about the if-else sequence you use to determine if the letter is part of your string. You assign tw to be an empty string and then checks in...
  3. Re: Displaying calculated transactions in label

    Hi there!

    While I'm not entirely sure what your problem is, in other words why you're stuck, I'd suggest you use decimal.TryParse() instead of the Parse method you're using. TryParse returns a...
  4. Re: Explanation of short XNA method for collision detection

    Hi there!
    The class Matrix is a class located in System.Drawing.Drawing2D.
    You can see the constructors here:
    It's a...
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    Re: Hangman issue

    Hi there :)

    It is difficult to find the errors purely by your code-behind - sometimes it is very helpful to put up lines in your code to make sure certain areas are reached. One...
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