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  1. [vb.net 2017] VI would like to retrieve chat text from this Window to a text box

    [vb.net 2017]

    Hi every one
    I need help getting some text from a chatroom in chatten.dk, i have made a program in visual basic 6 before but the code is gone i can't find it. now i try in visual...
  2. Re: Sending text to "IEframe --> Shell DocObject View --> (internet explorer_server)

    Public Class Form1
    'Get a handle to an application window.
    Declare Auto Function FindWindow Lib "USER32.DLL" ( _
    ByVal lpClassName As String, _
    ByVal lpWindowName As...
  3. Sending text to "IEframe --> Shell DocObject View --> (internet explorer_server)

    Hi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can enyboby help me !!! sending text from a button1 to a internet explorer_server/browser textbox

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