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    RoutedEvent vs AttachedEvent

    Hello, I've managed to setup an example working for both RoutedEvent and AttachedEvent but it appears the difference between the two is just syntactical as "RoutedEvent" handler can be declared in...
  2. nested HTML table and xpath: matching level one child node

    hi, this is a nested HTML table. Using Xpath .//table//tr we can retrieve all table rows. That's what double forward slashes does for you (matches not only level one beaneath current node but also...
  3. Error when running WCF on standalone machine - "The specified domain either does not


    I have a WCF service which works fine under domain environment and when the application is ported to a standalone machine, "The specified domain either does not exist or could not be...
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    VB.NET COM on 64 bit machine WIN2003


    I'm inheriting a legacy VB COM component - I tried register the component:

    regsvr32 SomeMatlabUtil.dll

    (The folder contains SomeMatlabUtil.tbl as well in same folder)

    But I ran...
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    WCF: JSON, Jqery - AddressFilter mismatch


    I have a simple service hosted in Win32 console. The service contract looks like this:

    public interface ISomeService {
  6. asp.net to consume: webhttpbinding only option?

    hello, one question, for asp.net appl to consume wcf, is webhttp binding the only option? thanks
  7. Re: Passing multi-dimensional array from C# to Win32 C++ dll?

    yes but I also tried 100x100 just for sake of testing...

    I was hoping perhaps if I allocate a big arce matrix from C# ... but it did not fix it
  8. Re: Passing multi-dimensional array from C# to Win32 C++ dll?

    Yes, this is why I allocated a 100x100 for a matrix when in C++ loop only traverse 10x10 matrix. But still it crashed.
  9. Re: Passing multi-dimensional array from C# to Win32 C++ dll?


    In my C# code, I've used the "ref" keyword:

    private static extern void GetYieldCurves(string strStoredProcName, [In, Out] ref double[]...
  10. Passing multi-dimensional array from C# to Win32 C++ dll?


    I'm trying to pass multi-dimensional arrays from C# to un-managed WIN32 C++ dll - second parameter of each of the two functions exported below are meant to be OUTPUT parameter (memory...
  11. Re: Oracle 11g Express Database? (I need TransactionScope support)

    hey Christian

    No, I had to use good old "oTrans.BeginTransaction()" just for Oracle, this really sucks. Apparent, the fix in BETA edition which didn't work for me is still in BETA.

    So as of...
  12. TreeView control - dynamically bind to XmlDocument, not xml file?


    Reading this article on TreeView control...[^], it shows how to either bind a xml file on disk to TreeView control via "XmlDataSource"

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    Re: FLOAT vs NUMERIC for financial transaction

    Thanks guys, my preference is NUMERIC because NUMERIC is compatible with Mysql, Oracle, and MSSQL
  14. Re: Oracle ODP.NET "ORA-06502: character string buffer too small"

    Sorry no, it was me making a mistake when I copy/paste/edit code into this discussion thread - it correct in original code.

    I've corrected original post, thank you for your reminder.
  15. Oracle ODP.NET "ORA-06502: character string buffer too small"


    I am running into "ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small" and I managed to get around it by setting oParam.Size to length of command text instead of...
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    FLOAT vs NUMERIC for financial transaction


    Do you use FLOAT or NUMERIC for financial transaction? If NUMERIC, what precision? For M$SQL, looks like float offers more digits.


  17. Thread: 64 bit compile

    by THY02K

    64 bit compile


    What are the common issues when you try to port your application to run on 64 bit windows? Is this pretty the only/first issue you'd run into?

    > Configuration
  18. Re: casting KeyValuePair into KeyValuePair?

    Thanks... there's got to be a way... probably in arg of called method as supposed to else-if blocks as you've suggested...
  19. Re: casting KeyValuePair into KeyValuePair?

    yes - i tried casting KeyValuePair<X,Y> into KeyValuePair<Object, Object> (X and Y are Reference Type), no luck... I think I need to think of something...
  20. Re: casting KeyValuePair into KeyValuePair?

    yes, this is why I stated I want to eliminate this else if blocks and was looking for a solution - this is code generator code examining obj properties wiring interceptors/fabricating proxy
  21. casting KeyValuePair into KeyValuePair?


    I need to cast KeyValuePair<X,Y> into KeyValuePair<Object, Object> ...

    Trying to write simpler code... how can I reduce the number of the else-if blocks below?

    if (o is...
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    Win 2003 64 bit vs 32/64bit ASP.NET


    Apparently you can register ASP.NET 32 bit with IIS running on Windows 2003 64 bit (But "ASP.NET tab" would be missing, see image below, from MMC snapin, not sure if this means something is...
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    WCF, TransactionScope and Oracle ODP.NET


    I have been trying to use TransactionScope with Oracle - and ran into problem: app just crashed with un-managed exception from within oracle provider/ODP.NET
  24. "A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client"

    I have embedded some secret in my webpage:

    <input name="ctl00$txtEncryptedAuthToken" type="hidden" id="ctl00_txtEncryptedAuthToken"...
  25. Setting ASPX Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture - visibility?


    Reading a sample from MSDN:

    <&#37;@ Page Language="C#" uiculture="auto" %>
    <%@ Import Namespace="System.Threading" %>
    <%@ Import Namespace="System.Globalization" %>
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