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  1. Unable to read from standard input. The handle is invalid

    Good Morning,

    I am having a problem issuing a plink command and getting a response back.
    This works 100% of the time in a Windows 10 environment and works most of the time in a Windows 7...
  2. Replies

    How to answer Putty question?

    I have an application that is trying to communicate with an external device via ether-net cable.
    Using the following code:

    Process proc = null;
    string er="";
    string o="";
  3. Using plink to get information from a Linux Box for the first time

    Good morning,

    I am trying to send a command from a Windows 10 PC to a Linux device to get information for the first time.
    I can do this in and command window as follows:

    echo n | plink.exe...
  4. Re: Cannot run my C# Application on another pc

    Thank you for your response.
    I have made sure that all of my "copy local" values in my reference list are set to true - and it seems to work.

    Again - Thanks !!!
  5. [RESOLVED] Cannot run my C# Application on another pc

    Using Visual Studio 2013, I compiled a C# program and created an executable.
    Transferring that exe file to another PC (without Visual Studios) and trying to run it gives me an error that says it has...
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