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    Are they any other ways ????

    I am using Visual Basic 6.0. I have listed out below the different ways of developing MAPI Applications in VB.

    1. MAPI API

    2. MAPI Controls

    3. Collaboration Data Objects

    Are they any...
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    Problem : MAPI


    I am using Outlook Express as my MAPI Client. I developed a MAPI Application in Visual Basic using MAPI Controls 6.0.

    Using MAPI controls how can I receive new messages directly from the...
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    Re: How to make a date Variable empty ?

    My problem is as below regarding dates

    Dim StartDate as Date

    StartDate = #10/01/1999#

  4. Re: Access : How to know what is the next autonumber generated for my primary key


    Thanks for your kinda reply. The reason for knowing the next auto number in advance is that, this ID should be stored in the child table; and the queries are sending in a batch mode and hence...
  5. Access : How to know what is the next autonumber generated for my primary key

    I have a column whose column type is autonumber. I want to know what will be the next autonumber generated. Like if I am deleting some records in between , I am loosing the track of the count..
  6. Can we get the Internet Account Name which is in use ?


    I am connected to the Net. Now using Vb Code I would like to know what is the username through which I connected the Net. Is this information stored in the registry any where. If available...
  7. MAPI : Is This Feature Available with MAPI Controls 6.0 in VB ?


    I am using Mapi Controls 6.0 in developing an EMAIL Application using Outlook Express as my MAPI Client. We understand that there are Methods called DownLoadMail and Fetch using which we can...
  8. Re: Can We Develop a Graph with These Parameters using MSchart Control ?

    Thanx for the suggestion. I had gone through some examples , but my requirement was not available.

    I declared an array of dimension DataValue(6,4) in which Values are as follows

    DataValue(1, 1)...
  9. Re: Where Can I Get Info regarding Crypto API's

    Hello Chris!!

    Infact I want to get the Declares for the Functions related to C'API which I can use in Visual Basic Directly.

    Can u get me this info


  10. Where Can I Get Info regarding Crypto API's


    Where Can I get information regarding Cryptography's API's.


  11. How to Program my Application to support Winproxy ?


    I am developing a Messenger Application just like Yahoo. The existing application is working on a Standalone PC. But when connected through Proxy Server it is not getting connected. How to...
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