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  1. Re: Ticker (revisited) with Visual Studio 2012 Express

    Ok, I get it. Nobody wants to help me anymore. That's ok. Would the administrator PLEASE DELETE MY ENTIRE ACCOUNT!
  2. Ticker (revisited) with Visual Studio 2012 Express

    Hello all!

    I posted once about attempting to code a ticker (scrolling text box) with a background worker on Visual Studio 2012 Express. I learned that it was better to use a timer and did not...
  3. [RESOLVED] Using a Background Worker in Visual Studio 2012 Express


    I am attempting to use a Backgroundworker in Visual Studio 2012 Express to display a ticker.

    I actually want to do this on 2 forms: a main form and a settings form.

    On the settings...
  4. VS 2012 - Getting help with making a label blink during listview load

    I am using Visual Studio 2012 (yea, I know it's old) and I'm trying to make a label blink during the loading of some words into a listview. This is what I have tried so far:

    Private Sub...
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