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  1. Re: Perl - Calling another perl script from a currenly running script

    Oops, forgot a follow-up.

    Alternatively, if the scripts you want to run are Perl, you can use require:

    #script 1

    .. random code ..

    if ( .. some condition .. )
    require "myOtherFile.pl"
  2. Re: Perl - Calling another perl script from a currenly running script

    You can use the backticks (`) to execute a system command:

    $result = `random system command`;
    This will execute "random system command" and then put the output of the command into $result.
  3. Re: Changing an ajax-triggered field in Firefox doesn't work properly

    If you're using onchange, Firefox doesn't trigger the event until the focus leaves the field. You should use onkeyup instead if you want the event to fire whenever the user types something.
  4. Re: X Windows widget questions...

    Which X library are you using? GTK+, qt, wxWidgets? There isn't a single API.
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    Re: High performance image library

    I usually use ImageMagick, but I think DevIL (formerly OpenIL) might be pretty good: http://openil.sourceforge.net/
    Not sure how performance oriented it is, but you can use it in conjunction with...
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    Re: User dir

    In unistd.h there is a function called getcwd() that gets the current working directory.

    You can use getenv (in stdlib.h) to get the HOME environment variable, which is by default /home/username/:...
  7. Re: cyclomatic complexity help needed

    Looks to me like your algorithm is to find a single path. You set the nodes to visited, then once you've found a path it returns and doesn't look for any more paths.

    What you should be doing...
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    Re: SDL: Blit to a non-visible surface

    Since your masks are all zero, it filters out any colours you're trying to put. Hence why you have black ;)

    Try putting this in:
    Uint32 rmask, gmask, bmask, amask;
    rmask = 0x000000ff;
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    Re: Linux Text Editor(s)!

    If you're new to Linux, or don't feel like spending hours learning how to use the text editor, don't go with vi/vim or emacs. These editors are very powerful, but take a long time to learn.

    If you...
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    Re: really fast drawing

    Then I'd recommend going with C and some library, be it DirectX, OpenGL, SDL, or whatever. They probably either used one of those, bought a commercial library to use, or rolled their own. I doubt...
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    Re: really fast drawing

    I think you're going about this the wrong way. There are usually several ways to solve a given problem. By wasting a lot of time trying to figure out how somebody else did it, why not just do it your...
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    Re: Trouble reading from a file

    Please use code tags, like this:

    This is a block of text surrounded by [code] tags.
    Try putting
    inFile.seekg(ios_base::beg); after your first inFile.close().
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    Re: really fast drawing

    You can use OpenGL too. Or, try downloading the source for Gecko and take a peek at that.
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    Re: A bit of help with a code...

    What 7stud is trying to say is "use code tags", like this:

    here is some code, I used a [code] tag for it
  15. Re: Inserting a structured file into a binary tree

    You can use a recursive parser, like this (pseudo-code):

    function parse(input, i)
    if input[i] = ']' return null

    node = new node
    node.value = parse an (x,y)
    accept a '['
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    Re: DirectX, OpenGL.

    I'd stick to OpenGL for the following reasons:

    1) It's cross-platform. This might not affect you now if you don't use a non-Windows platform, but in the future you might want to have a version for...
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    Re: Open File and Read

    When using a command line like this:

    a.out < file1

    it loads the file in using cin (only on Linux too, this won't work on Windows), but like this:

    a.out file1 file2
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    Re: Help | Stop Perl proccess in linux

    Use the ps command with the a modifier to get a list of your processes, and pipe it to grep:

    ps a | grep perl

    From this you should see something like:

    6343 pts/0 Ss+ 0:00...
  19. Re: Menu/Image loading delay (like youtube's "Videos being watched right now")

    No problem. You'll also find the Prototype library that Scriptaculous is based on very useful when you start learning AJAX. I would recommend looking at this too.
  20. Re: Menu/Image loading delay (like youtube's "Videos being watched right now")

    The effect you're trying to do is called chaining. There's Javascript libraries that do this kind of thing. Scriptaculous is a good one: http://script.aculo.us/

    You can do something like this:

  21. Re: Menu/Image loading delay (like youtube's "Videos being watched right now")

    That's done with Flash, not Javascript - right click on it and you'll see.

    You can do something similar (without as much fancy animation) using AJAX, but if you're still new to Javascript then it...
  22. Re: Variable sharing between include files

    There's a couple ways of doing this. First, are you using #ifndef/#defines at the start of your .h file? Like this:

    #ifndef THIS_FILE_H__
    #define THIS_FILE_H__

    //stuff in the file

  23. Re: How to count number of lines in a text file

    If you're using a FILE pointer, you can do the same technique RandomPerson said, except with the C file functions:

    FILE * myFile = fopen("...", "r");

    int file_lines=0;
    char buffer[1024];
  24. Re: How do you write you're own iostream?

    You could inherit a class from ios_base or ios, however you'll have to manually override the << operator for each type you want to be able to use.

    If you want you could probably just write your...
  25. Re: can anyone tell me what do openGl use for?

    OpenGL is a library for using 3D graphics. It is cross-platform and relatively simple, at least compared to Direct3D. I don't think I really need to go into details on the usefulness of 3D graphics,...
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