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  1. Re: [RESOLVED] CreateToolHelp32Snapshot and listing Services under Svchost.exe... How

    From MSDN:

    It doesn't matter how you allocate. It may be malloc()/calloc() or LocalAlloc() or new(), whatever you want. What does matter is deallocation. It must correspond to the way of...
  2. Re: [RESOLVED] CreateToolHelp32Snapshot and listing Services under Svchost.exe... How

    Task Manager reliance upon the undocumented API does not guarantee the API immutability. Task Manager is a system app that changes along with the Windows core, and MS is not obliged to keep it...
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    Re: Sending WM_KEYDOWN from OnKeyDown

    This message is never sent and must not be. The message is posted to the window by kernel as the result of processing user input. You want this message be received by window, you synthesize user...
  4. Re: How to add resource files to executable in VS2017

    There's no shortcut. You definitely have to get the knowledge enough to understand the concept prior to getting to "even more complicated stuff".

    As to embedding image to exe, try to review this...
  5. Re: Difference between Visual C++ and Non Visual C++?

    There is no such a thing like "general C++". There are programming language C++ and product Visual C++.

    As a language, C++ is versioned and thus complies to a number of standards reflecting...
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    Re: MSXML send issues

  7. Re: Dcom Interface No such interface supported after migration to X64

    It looks like you do COM registration in a different environment. You need to understand the effect of WOW64 and bitness of your binary modules.

    32-bit modules run in separate Windows subsystem...
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    Re: can i convert HBITMAP to istream?

    Vinay, please note that your issue has nothing to do with saving bitmap to IStream. No good typically comes from trying to hijack an already existing thread, neither for you nor for other people who...
  9. Re: Dynamic Library: Do you need to export variables of a class?

    You just go right to MSDN DLLs in Visual C++ and start right there, I would say. The first answer you are to look up for is not how, but why you need to put a code to DLL. In case you have no real...
  10. Re: Dynamic Library: Do you need to export variables of a class?

    The more fancy contemporary C++ becomes, the worse effects it causes to dynamic linkage. The old-school C++ from 90s was bearable with certain limitations, not many. Templates have caused a serious...
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    Re: Using web services from MFC

    I have a strong suspicion that you have no idea what web service is. Web services have nothing to do with browsers. As to browsers, those are capable of rendering "images, jpg, bmp, etc." with no...
  12. Re: What should one learn in C++ to develop programs like yahoo messenger ?

    Anything can be done if you are skilled enough in C++ and know enough about "web programming" whatever you think it is. It's just a matter of time, money and desire to get job done the way you want...
  13. Re: how to start a MFC.exe using a windows service Application?

    You definitely have an error somewhere in your code. :)

    Now getting serious. What is your plan here? You show us no code, neither MFC nor service app. So how do you expect us to help? By...
  14. Re: Changing the color of elements - Win API

    Bitmap-based brush might help. Please note that you are to draw the bitmap with the entire control border, including all the style effects, e.g. bevels, round corners, etc.

    Per my experience,...
  15. Re: Changing the color of elements - Win API

    You might use a "control" approach instead and place an empty border-less custom-colored static control on the main window for achieving exactly the same result. A zero-cost benefit would be no need...
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    Re: Keyboard input and TranslateMessage

    Hardly you can find information here more than MSDN provides. Definitely keyboard driver, localization tables and Windows core are involved in keypress translation, but this sort of information looks...
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    Re: Important question

    I just gave you a hint how you could avoid using if-else construct. Whether or how you will use the hint, it's totally up to you.

    All that your if-else cases do is finding right index in...
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    Re: Important question

    What I gather from your code is that syndrome bits make the index in decodedBits minus 1.

    0 0 1 = 1, 1 -1 = 0
    0 1 0 = 2, 2 -1 = 1
    0 1 1 = 3, 3 -1 = 2
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    Re: on events

    The main difference is between PeekMessage(PM_NOREMOVE) and GetMessage(). PeekMessage() just peeks into message queue and lets you quit when the queue is empty. GetMessage() does not return until a...
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    Re: Using PsSetCreateProcessNotifyRoutineEx

    No you don't. User space app has no control on foreign process creation. You get to kernel level to have one. This is what all anti-virus software does with no exception. This is a very basic Windows...
  21. Re: How to start a doc view app in hidden mode

    Afraid WS_EX_APPWINDOW style cannot be (un)set at runtime. Documentation says nothing about that, so you have to do some experiments.

    You may try to play with ITaskbarList shell interface to...
  22. Re: How to start a doc view app in hidden mode

    Okay, there is an update. 32-bit Test.exe built with VS2010 runs with no flicker in Win7 x64 SP1 (Aero Theme).

    The same exe time to time (but rare) produces some flicker in a virtual machine...
  23. Re: How to start a doc view app in hidden mode

    So far I can see that Test.exe built as is with VS2012 runs with no flicker in Win 7 SP1. Will give it a try with VS2010, when I find a VM with the one. Sorry, have no Win10 at hand, and have no time...
  24. Re: How to start a doc view app in hidden mode

    As you might understand to the moment, the trouble part is MFC standard behavior. In fact, you tried to bend what initially designed to be straight, and by no means this is a sort of common practice...
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    Re: dll code, don't know how to proceed

    Normally a GUI program has some structure where specific layers have some limited responsibility. You ever heard of MVC? Model takes care of data management. View takes care of data presentation....
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