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    Re: Windows Messages in WPF

    After a bit more searching, I've found a solution:

    // Handler must be added once the window is loaded
    void Main_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
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    [RESOLVED] Windows Messages in WPF

    I have a WPF app that I want to be able to handle certain Windows Messages that other apps send to it. In Windows Forms, I could overload the OnNotifyMessage method in my form and handle arbitrary...
  3. Re: Change which item resizes in DockPanel


    The solution is to simply add the controls to the DockPanel in the reverse order. Using the previous example, it would be like this:

    <Button Name="button2"...
  4. [RESOLVED] Change which item resizes in DockPanel

    I have a DockPanel with two items in it, one docked to the left, and one docked to the right. By default, when the DockPanel is resized, the item on the right resizes to fill the space, whereas the...
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    Covariant Return Types with Generics

    I want to implement a generic interval class that stores two IComparable objects corresponding to the bottom and top of the interval. However, I want to be able to pool different types of Intervals...
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