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  1. Re: Sinhronisation of allocation and freeing of memory

    I found the problem, there was "static" variables inside functions.
  2. Re: Sinhronisation of allocation and freeing of memory

    I uses VC++ 6.0 on Windows XP x32

    I have defined in settings page "Code generation" "Use run-time library" as "Debug Multithreaded DLL" for debug and for realize "Multithreaded DLL". Do you...
  3. Re: Sinhronisation of allocation and freeing of memory

    There is on shared variables, functions working separately. The heap allocation data is not synchronized. But as I read in Internet - operator new and delete should be sinhronized.
  4. Sinhronisation of allocation and freeing of memory

    I've got a problem with sinhronisation of a function which is called from several threads. The function do no use static variables. And there is no connection variables between threads. In debuger...
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    Difference in rendering in OpegGL

    I faced with problem of rendering OpenGL objects with 2 or 3 lights on printing preview and printing. It different as by drowing on screen using hardware acceleration. It uses lighting from tow lides...
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    Re: Sorting objects by color (material)

    We use standard OpenGL from MicroSoft
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    Re: Can't draw polygons with two side lighting

    I found hint to solve the problem - to add aditionals lights with opossite directions.
    But anyway would like to have correct solution of this problem.
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    Can't draw polygons with two side lighting

    I am using glDrawArrays function and sets befor glLightModel(GL_LIGHT_MODEL_TWO_SIDE,GL_TRUE). Polygons are drawn with one side lighting. If I change glDrawArrays drawing to usage of glBegin(...
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    Sorting objects by color (material)

    Will I have improvements in drawing with OpenGL, if I would sort objects by their colors (materials) and call functions glColor, glMaterial when the color is changed? How fast glColor, glMaterial...
  10. Drawin into window outside of CView::OnDraw function

    I am drawing using OpenGL and GDI on top of a picture which were drawn before in CView::OnDraw function.
    First 2-3 seconds it draws sucessfully, and then cursor of mouse become "clock"( meanth...
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    Re: GDI over OpenGL in Vista

    It is bad idea to do that. But big part of code is already implemented. And to rewrite everything to OpenGL will take huge amount of time. So, I am looking for easest way to solve the problem
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    GDI over OpenGL in Vista

    Iíve got problem with using GDI on top of OpenGL in Windows Vista. Iíve found that if GDI graphic would be drawn before any drawing operation of OpenGL than everything what was drawn by GDI would be...
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