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  1. Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name

    Hi All,

    I am using a DropDownList with 4 static items namely Pending, Deffered, Settled and Rejected as they are static in actual use and won't change.

    This DDL is placed in a template field...
  2. Re: How to identify the clicked row in a DataGrid in a PostBack event of a CheckBox

    Okkkk ......
    its solved very easily....

    u can get a reference to that clicked row of a DataGrid in the CheckedChanged event like this ..

    CheckBox chk...
  3. How to identify the clicked row in a DataGrid in a CheckedChanged event of a CheckBox


    I am using DataGrid in ASP.Net 1.1 to display some data. The DataGrid has a template field which contains a CheckBox server control. I have bind an event handler (chkBox_CheckedChanged) to...
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    Re: Summary Validation problem

    yes i have already done the same way as u told........ anyway the problem is solved ....

    thanks alot for reply

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    Summary Validation problem

    I made a server control where there were some textboxes needed to be validated and a button to save that data......i attched a RequiredFieldValidator to each textbox... i used that control in an aspx...
  6. Re: Calling parent control method from child control

    Okkk ......... my problem is solved......by Joe (thanks joe)

    i m posting Joe's reply directly here so that some one can take help from it...

    According to Joe

    "Your approach would tightly...
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    Actually my fault as It was not a problem

    sorry........I posted wrongly......Apologize
  8. Calling parent control method from child control

    Hi all,

    I have created a control which i have placed in a web form.........the control has a textbox control with a text_changed event hadler.....that is fired after some value is changed in it...
  9. double-click() event of dataGridView not fired sometimes..

    hi all,

    i m using a data grid view to diaplay some data from sql server...
    by setting its dataSourse property to a dataset 's table object programatically.......

    i have a requirement which i...
  10. Re: ListView doest not display data when setting its HeaderColumns programatically

    No brother i have not tried other events assosiated with OwnerDraw.....coz i dont know what are those and how to use them...

    can u plz tell me

    thx for suggestion
  11. ListView doest not display data when setting its HeaderColumns programatically

    hi all,

    I have a problem with my ListView object..... .... actually it was working fine but i wanted to change the font ot its header cells as i want.... .. i did so by setting the following...
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    Re: Sys is undefined ?

    sorry ........
    I didnt mean to do what i did...

    the source code it as follow....as it started giving errors....so i stoped extending it and created another which worked finely....

    <%@ Page...
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    Re: Sys is undefined ?

    I am also having the same problem.....i was not using master pages ...... but when i used the same code and controls in other project ... it worked...
    I coulnd understand y same code behaves...
  14. Events are not fired while using nested GridView controls

    I have used nested GridView controls in nested UpdatePanels to show data heirarchically and to work asynchronously......

    half of the work is done .... the data is shown as intended but none of the...
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