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  1. correct way to dynamically apply multiple transforms to a control

    Im new to WPF. I have some OOP experience. What is the proper way to apply multiple transforms to a control? I want to apply a ScaleTransform and a RotateTransform to a Path I drew in Expression...
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    database question for beginner

    I am a beginner just picking up .NET and ASP. I am getting into a chapter of study on databases. Most books that combine ASP, .NET and databases give simple examples of data storage that could...
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    direct2d in C++ but form in c#

    Hi. I have both Visual studio C# and C++ Express editions. I have been experimenting with direct2d. I can create forms in C# but can only write direct2d rendering code in c++. C# naturally lends...
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    anomalous loop behavior

    Hi. Im an economics undegrad who knows a bit of C and is baffled by something I tried out.

    I was looking up C's data types. Im interested in unsigned char for a moment. Heres what I tried (forgive...
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