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  1. [RESOLVED] How to loop a treeview winforms

    For the life of me I can't figure this out nor can I find it on google that will actually work.

    WinForms TreeView Control
    .net 4

    I'm trying to search all treeview nodes including childs and...
  2. Re: I am brand new to C-sharp and need a little guidance

    Here is another trick I like to use.

    For Example say you are making extensive use of Environment.NewLine

    MessageBox.Show("blah" + Environment.NewLine + "blah" + Environment.NewLine + "blah");...
  3. Re: I am brand new to C-sharp and need a little guidance

    Its also good to remove items you will not use.
    Your line

    using System.Linq;

    I'm sure you are not using Linq so you can remove it. Also in your references you can remove
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    Re: Database connection problem

    Give this a look over

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    Re: 64-bit Conversion

    Why not make the corrections?
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    Cross-Thread MessageBox Bring to Front

    This should be simple maybe over looking something here.

    Have a form that loads for my progress display
    The form creates a thread to run my version checks against the server and grab updated...
  7. Re: Terminal Service Control Resizing

    Sorry I should have check this to begin with but I am still missing something

    The control itself is actually resizing to the form but the size of the connected RDP window stays at the original...
  8. [RESOLVED] Cisco VPN Client Group Secret

    *I figured out the GroupPwd=
    *For some reason SaveGroupPwd= was not in any of my pcf files.
    *Just by chance since SaveUserPwd was in there I decided to add SaveGroupPwd=1 and it worked using...
  9. Re: Controls gone, code still there.

    They have probably fallen behind your actual tab control.
    Move your tab control on your form and I bet they are behind it.
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    Re: Read Database Data

    You can change this to your use but should give you a good idea.

    OleDbConnection conn = new OleDbConnection("provider = microsoft.jet.oledb.4.0;data source = " +...
  11. Re: How to use multiple CMD commands through C#?

    Sorry it was like 1am since you are using c# why don't you just use.


    as the other method you can use
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    Re: Help with multi-file downloader

    You want to be able to download file 1-10 at the same time so your downloading all 10 at once?
  13. Re: How to use multiple CMD commands through C#?

    I think you are looking for something more along the lines of

    ProcessStartInfo proc = new ProcessStartInfo();
    proc.FileName = "set";
    proc.Arguments = "VAMP_PATH=D:";

    This will issue...
  14. [RESOLVED] Terminal Service Control Resizing

    I have a win form with a terminal service control on it so my program connects via RDP.
    Using MSTSCLib.
    When I change the form size I can't get the terminal service control to resize to the form.
  15. Re: OleDbDataReader not pulling all results

    When I run a SQL query in the database I get my desired results (Both rows containing SName and SIP when my accountid = 1234, Why would that change issuing the same commands in C#?

    In the server...
  16. [RESOLVED] OleDbDataReader not pulling all results

    Can't seem to get all the results from my reader to add into my ArrayList

    Here is the database info

    Table: Servers
    Field1: ID *Auto Gen ID field*
    Field2: CleintID
    Field3: SName
    Field4: SIP
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    Access WSC information

    Here is my goal for what I am looking for.
    I run a zabbix monitoring server. *great software*
    This monitors info from servers ..etc and reports it back to zabbix for easy viewing ..etc

    I need a...
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    app.config Q?

    I have an app were I have placed a key inside the app.config file used to hash some data.
    So in my debug dir I have my app and the app.config file.

    Without the config I get an error the key is...
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