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  1. Re: Instantianting different copies of a class where there is a static function in it

    You don't hook the EAT (by itself), but you can walk it to look for something or hook a function from it at program runtime and it will only work on programs that explicitly link against libraries....
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    Re: What is best option here?

    I would go with 2kaud's solution:

    class A
    int GetA() { return m_a; };
    double GetB() { return m_b; };
    int m_a;
    double m_b;
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    Re: Read binary file with line delimeter

    Not sure how you expect an unsigned int to hold a decimal value. :confused: But why do you have hex in there to pipe the data to the stringstream though? What's the point? A number is a number, you...
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    Re: Read binary file with line delimeter

    CLR, why do you want that? Try "Win32 Project" instead. What errors are you getting? You just posted a reference link, but nothing that describes the errors.
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    Re: Read binary file with line delimeter

    You're assuming that it's a paid software. There are express editions of Visual Studio for 2013 which are free.
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    Re: Read binary file with line delimeter

    I'm using VS 2013 and am able to use the <regex> header with this setup. Dev C++ is old (assuming you're using bloodshed's, and not orwells), and if so, you should abandon it.
  7. Re: looking for exercises to practice interfaces on c#

    You should be able to develop a console based (or text style) game using interfaces as well, as long as you take on a good OO model for the design. You can write a strictly procedural game as well,...
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    Re: Read binary file with line delimeter

    No need for the criticism here. I don't see how hard it could be for somebody to change the function parameters around to be honest, although, my post served as an example... Perhaps you have...
  9. Re: std::string to std::vector with terminator

    Maybe I'm confused. Unless you need the functionality of the vector... But if you're avoiding reallocation, why not just go with a simple array? :S

    I know this may not help much, but thankfully...
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    Re: Six sided cube

    Dice start at 1, the range would be 1 - {# of faces}. The Random class would be perfect for this, and if you look at some MSDN documentation for the usage of it's methods, declaring an instance, and...
  11. Re: looking for exercises to practice interfaces on c#

    Write a plugin wrapper. :) Possibly one of the best scenarios where an interface is used.
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    Re: Read binary file with line delimeter

    I would've taken a more generic approach, utilizing more function parameters instead of hardcoding everything in there...

    void get_fields(const std::string& s, const std::string& find_str,...
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    Re: The best way to get random numbers.

    You can also use RngCryptoServiceProvider to generate random data if needed: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.security.cryptography.rngcryptoserviceprovider.aspx

    The downside I've...
  14. Re: windows form .call console and give commands

    Nope... Sadly. I did want to go, but no real way of transportation for me, and I am of the slightly younger audience among MVP's. It would have been a good opportunity to meet usasma and jcgriff, who...
  15. Re: windows form .call console and give commands

    You're not wrong though, I'm not saying that. I'll wait and see until OP can clarify what he's willing to do before going further in a specific direction. It's like a forest, you don't start going in...
  16. Re: windows form .call console and give commands

    I know I did, this is why I mentioned "P/Invoke" :) http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa446536.aspx

    That code I shared with you is not C++ either.

    I read this:

    1. "It's a Windows...
  17. Re: windows form .call console and give commands

    You can P/Invoke AllocConsole():

    static extern bool AllocConsole();

    private void MainMethod()
    if (AllocConsole())
    Console.WriteLine("Hello world!");
  18. Re: Need to comapre a string and a number to find the Max Value

    cast the string to a numeric value type then... ;)

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    Re: Beginner need help!!!!!

    Words meaning separated by a space? (Note: you'll have to trim out the delimiters in case someone types in "badword!" for example. "badword" != "badword!". Or in-string values as well?...
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    Re: Find Minimum and Maximum values

    Post a new thread and I will help you out entirely. Comparisons don't allow you to make the best of your learning endeavors. :)
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    Re: Beginner Need Help!!!!

    That was one of the reasons why I did not reply further. Although the original links were in fact broken, it looked like a copied version from being posted someplace else, because the link itself...
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    Re: scroll bars on a panel ?

    XNA? It's limited though mainly towards gaming.

    For a PictureBox you could take the image out and modify it with GDI before assigning it back to the PictureBox quite easily to layer images into 1....
  23. Re: how do I use the .net Framework as a cross platform programming tool

    You may be interested in Node.js if you get into JavaScript: http://nodejs.org/
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    Re: display average pixel values

    I would agree with what BioPhysEngr is saying, the method for pixel retrieval or whatever you want to term it is slow. When I was encrypting data to a compressed bitmap in one of my hobby projects, I...
  25. Re: VB.net - HttpWebRequest 401 Unauthorized Error

    You're passing the incorrect credentials most probably. Anything else past the Credentials part doesn't matter if you don't have the credentials right, if you're getting a 401 code.
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