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  1. Help with multi-file downloader

    I want to create a program that can go into a parent directory, travel to each folder in the directory and then download each file from each folder. I'd also like to make it so that I can control the...
  2. Web page source code to richtextbox

    How can I get the source code from a web page into a richtextbox, then be able to pick out certain words from that source code?
    I've had difficulty with finding an answer through google because the...
  3. Re: Bulk rename files program in c#?

    It works perfectly! Thanks for the help!
  4. Re: Bulk rename files program in c#?

    I have the following now and it shows no errors, will this code work? (I'm afraid of running it without knowing because I don't want to crash my whole computer if I messed it up)

  5. Re: Bulk rename files program in c#?

    I'm getting the error

    Error 1 'System.Array' does not contain a definition for 'Replace' and no extension method 'Replace' accepting a first argument of type 'System.Array' could be found (are you...
  6. Bulk rename files program in c#?

    Is it possible to make a program that takes files and can take something out of their original name? I.E. the file 1.txt, that file 2.txt, this file 3.txt, changed to take "this" out and only say the...
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    Minimize form to system tray

    How would I make a form minimize to system tray, then be able to double click the icon to reopen the form, when the normal minimize button on the form is pressed?
    Also, is it possible to take the...
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    Re: Renaming multiple files in DOS

    I don't know if this works on all windows computers, but on windows vista if you select all the files you want to rename, then press F2, it'll allow you to rename a file and then it will take that...
  9. Re: Execute javascript in c# webbrowser

    when I try to use the code

    if (!ClientScript.IsClientScriptBlockRegistered("mytest"))
    ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(typeof(Page), "myrest",...
  10. Execute javascript in c# webbrowser

    Is it possible to run a javascript command through a c# web browser?
    Similarly to what most internet browsers can do, for example, like if I wanted to go to google.com then execute the code...
  11. Displaying website source code in a richtextbox

    How would I fetch and then display source code from a website into a richtextbox in c#?
    i.e. if I were to input in "google.com" then on one side I'll have the browser that travelled to google, but...
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    Re: Help with a program

    everything works fine unless

    is removed, but I need this to be removed for the program to run smoothly
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    Re: Help with a program

    When I remove the messagebox, then it just types "undefined" in the google search box. I tried to make it display the lines in a label and richtextbox to see if it were just printing too fast to see...
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    Help with a program

    I'm trying to make this program that will search google using key words provided from a txt file in order to learn how to make various things interact. However, I'm encountering one problem: if I...
  15. Read/write individual lines from richtextbox

    How would you make a program read/write individual lines line by line in a rich textbox?
    I want to make a program where you can type in certain words, and then it will use sendkeys to copy the words...
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