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  1. Re: Pre-requisites for installing a c# program on another computer

    Many thanks for replying. I hope you can help me with some follow-on questions.

    Would I be able to include the framework installation in my program's install package? If the installer detected...
  2. Pre-requisites for installing a c# program on another computer

    If I write a program in c# and then install it on another computer, what does the other computer need to have on it before the program will run?

    Of course it will have to be a Windows PC but what...
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    Re: Hierarchical controls?

    Thank you. I have found an article that combines the features of a treeview and a listview that seems to give me what I need.
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    [RESOLVED] Hierarchical controls?

    I'm looking to achieve the following. Display a database of quotations that can be categorised (sorted in a hierarchy) - 1 to 3 levels of collapsible/expandable categorisation. Such as:

    (I had to...
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