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  1. Button click event within a ControlTemplate?


    I have a class which derives from TextBox called EntryTextBox and provides a PreviewKeyDown event handler (although for the purposes of this question, it's not relevant).

    I have produced a...
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    Partial-trust on-screen keyboard?


    I would like to implement a pop-up on screen keyboard which can be used to interact with a textbox through a touchscreen. I've found a load of WPF examples online but they all cause Security...
  3. Adding a TabItem to an existing derived TabControl in WPF


    My project contains a class, Symbol, which derives from UserControl and adds some custom dps etc... In code, Symbol also implements a Popup containing a TabControl along with the relevant...
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    Equivalent binding in code?


    I'm in the process of refactoring some code I've inherited and as a part of this I need to re-create a binding which was previously in my WPF in code. The WPF snippet is:

  5. Custom OIDs in my NDIS IM Driver - One class with multiple items


    I have an existing NDIS IM driver which already contains some custom OIDs with their respective MOF definitions, NDIS_GUID entries and so on and they work fine. I can access these values...
  6. Broadcasting from an NDIS Intermediate network driver


    I have an NDIS intermediate network driver which I'd like to periodically broadcast a UDP packet from. I have put an NDIS_MINIPORT_TIMER in my miniport's initialize function and this is now...
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