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  1. Re: Methods with the same name but different signatures, on one interface - Possible?

    Thanks for your input guys, its all pretty much common sense now when I think about it!

    The reason im trying to do this is because I have made an application that is based around a framework...
  2. Methods with the same name but different signatures, on one interface - Possible?!

    Hey there Gurus,

    Im attempting to implement a single interface in my application, so that all classes of a certain type (my 'plugins') implement specific methods.

    Im new to interfaces so I may...
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    Accessing the PHP Session ID using only Java?

    Hey CodeGurus,

    Ive been wondering if this is possible for a while and have tried various things to no avail.

    Has anyone achieved this before? That is, without writing any extra PHP code to...
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    Re: Problems with HttpURLConnection..

    Hey Xeel, thanks for the reply.

    I didnt realise that was the behavior of connection.setInstanceFollowRedirects()! Thats interesting, and useful to know, thanks. I had included that method call...
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    Re: FileWriter Help needed

    Havnt used FileWriter before but creating and printing to a file is easy with the PrintStream and File classes!

    Below is an example of this, the first line creates the file, the second creates...
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    Re: Add Component from another class

    Hey cpu2007, ive done a similar thing in a GUI application myself.

    Ill just explain what I did in pseudo-code:

    - Create a separate gui window
    - In that gui create the JComponents you need,...
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    [RESOLVED] Problems with HttpURLConnection..

    Heyy all!

    Its been a while since I posted on here but I hope everyone is good!

    Im developing a Java-based Web application vulnerability scanner for a final year project at University and ive...
  8. Iterating through HTTP header responses with a Java Map

    Hey all

    Just thought id share a bit of code with you in case anyone else was trying to achieve the same thing I was.

    Basically I wanted to make an application that would send out HTTP requests...
  9. Re: Web crawler using breadth first search? concept ideas

    Cheers, thats good advice.

    Im awful at planning things but ill get down to it

  10. Web crawler using breadth first search? concept ideas

    Afternoon CodeGuru goers!

    Im a student at university in England and am currently considering ideas for my final year project (on a placement at the moment, but want a good idea of what to do on my...
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